A Vaping Christmas - The Ghost Of Christmas Past

A Vaping Christmas - The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Christmas is coming and we’re all getting into the seasonal swing. This time of year is all about indulgence – treating your loved ones and treating yourself! I’m thinking turkey, lined with bacon, maple syrup, chestnuts and the best roasties known to man… But it also makes me think back, like in the Christmas Carol, to the ghosts of Christmas past…

We’ve all had our own experience of Christmas. Did you grow up with a smoker in the family? I remember my uncle used to get out a cigar at the end of the meal. He’d light that massive dirty stogie, take a couple of puffs, then let it sit smoldering in the ashtray for the rest of the evening. I’d just look at it, wondering what the hell it was or why someone would ever want to do that.

Later I became a smoker myself (cigarettes, not cigars!) and even though I told myself that I’d only smoke outside, when the nights got cold and dark I’d find myself making excuses to have a sneaky smoke indoors. One thing led to another, and then one Christmas I found myself sat down at Christmas dinner, lighting a cigarette in the break between dessert and cheese! Several of my friends wrinkled their noses in disapproval – they didn’t say anything, I was cooking – but I took the hint. Then I realised… Oh wow… I’ve become my Uncle…

It’s no wonder I switched to vaping!

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Switch for a healthy New Year...

This holiday season at UK ECIG STORE, we want to help you make the switch. Vaping has many benefits, not only is it 95% less harmful than smoking, but it also saves you from venturing out in the cold just to get a cheeky cig in. Answer me this, is it really worth braving the cold to consume over 4000 chemicals through your lungs? We would suggest to make the switch!

Christmas gatherings typically mean spending a ton of money on a multitude of presents. Some will be handy, some will be quirky, and some will be gratefully forgotten by Boxing Day. Why not try something different this year? Instead of the same old tired gifts, you could choose to change a life for the better and help someone quit smoking for good. Here’s a selection of great gift ideas for them and don’t forget yourself too! When somebody next asks you “What do you want for Christmas?” - just send them this list!

Vaping Christmas - Christmas Jumper and present

With some help from the top 5 vaping devices this Christmas

The UK ECIG STORE One Kit Christmas Present ideas


The perfect vaping starter kit. This small, inconspicuous vape pen is long lasting and easy to charge. With a large 1000 mAh battery and single button operation, it combines amazing flavour and vapour with the simplicity of use. Optimised with a power output of 14W, this device would be the best alternative to smoking as it provides a similar mouth to lung experience. The One Kit is an affordable option and a great starting point for any friend or family member.

For more information, click here.

LDN LIQ - EZY Kit Christmas Blog Image

LDN LIQ – Ezy Kit

Ezy by name, Ezy by nature! The Ezy Kit is the ultimate in convenience vaping - simply change pods and you’re ready to go. This pod system starter kit is light, robust and highly portable. Measuring at only 92.8mm height, 31.4mm length, 20.8mm width, it’s so small, people won’t even notice you have an e-cig in your hand! Anyone for stealth vaping? 

For more information, click here.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Vape Kit - Christmas Image

Smok G80 Kit/ Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit

If you’re already a vaper and looking to move on from mouth to lung vaping, the Smok G80 Kit and Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit might be just the thing for you. They are an introduction to the world of sub-ohm vaping, giving you a different experience altogether. Expect bigger clouds and incredible flavour! The Smok G80 Kit has a choice of 2 coils, each with different resistance (0.6 ohms and 0.3 ohms), and can be powered up to 80w. The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit also comes with 2 coils (0.15ohm and 0.5ohm) and fires up to 85w. Looking for better flavour and bigger vapour? Look no further!

For more information on the Smok G80 Kit, click here.

For more information on the Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit, click here.

Geekvape - Athena Squonk Mod - Christmas Blog Image

Geekvape – Athena Squonk Kit

Calling all advanced vapers! Yes, we haven’t forgotten about you. Suddenly everyone’s talking about squonking! These nifty, compact devices are making a huge comeback. We have a wide selection to choose from, including the latest from Geekvape. The Athena Squonk Kit is a single 18650 mechanical squonk box mod, measuring at only 73mm height, 46mm width and 25mm depth, featuring an easy ‘push up to lock’ safety mechanism and a 6.5ml juice reservoir. The Athena RDA is a 24mm, dual postless deck, fitted for larger sized coils and features a deep juice well which can hold a generous amount of e-liquid. The RDA features top airflow control and an 810 sized drip tip, which can be exchanged for a 510 drip tip if that’s your choice.

If you’re looking for an all in one device without the hassle of dripping every time, squonking is the way forward! Squonking all the way, you might even say...

For more information, please click here.

Take care now, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Your friends at UK ECIG STORE.