F.A Cup Final Competition!

F.A Cup Final Competition!

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

It’s a big weekend in Wembley! Saturday afternoon sees the Blues take on the Reds, Conte take on Mourinho, Chelsea take on Manchester United! And it all started in 1872...

And there’s no love lost between these guys. Not any more. Ever since Antonio Conte won the Premier League in his first season with the Blues, Jose Mourinho felt Goldilocks Bear syndrome - someone’s been sleeping in my bed! Then came accusations of historical match-fixing, name calling, taunts… Yep, it’s going to be an interesting handshake before the match.

In reality, it’s been a disappointing season for both teams and this is the last chance for glory. An F.A. Cup win can paper over many a crack in a football team, just ask Arsenal fans! Both teams will be trying to salvage some pride and get one up on their opponents ahead of next season.

But who will win? Blue or Red?

If you think that you know the answer then you can win something too!

Because to celebrate F.A. Cup weekend, for tonight and tomorrow only, UK ECIG STORE are offering you a trophy of your very own in the form of an 18.72% discount of your next purchase when you buy either one of our nominated team products if your team wins!

1872 baby, get it? Like the first F.A. Cup! And that’s on any purchase friends. So if you’re feeling confident, buy a juice, nominate a team, and if you’re right then there’s a healthy incentive to finally buy that tasty new tank you’ve had your eye on!

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