Guardian hit back at anti-vaping prejudice!

Guardian hit back at anti-vaping prejudice!

Finally, a reputable broadsheet paper has spoken out against the overwhelming amount of prejudice in media and web coverage of the vaping industry!

When performing a search for vaping in late December 2017, Linda Bauld, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Stirling and Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, writing in the Guardian found that the “ stories relate to health problems, explosions and that vaping leads to smoking in teenagers.” She concludes, however, that in reality this is just not the case.

She writes: “In the past year, more than any other, the evidence that using an e-cigarette is far safer than smoking has continued to accumulate.”

She also points out the first longer term vaping study, conducted with the support of Cancer Research UK, which has clearly demonstrated “large reductions in carcinogens and other toxic compounds in vapers compared with smokers”.

We know what you mean, Professor! We’ve been saying it for years!

Professor Bauld highlights the fact that 2017 was the first year that the UK’s NHS got behind vaping as an alternative to smoking during their yearly Stoptober campaign. This was also reflected north of the border in Scotland, where “...a large number of organisations led by Health Scotland issued a statement making clear that vaping is definitely safer than smoking that was also supported by Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer.”

Thank you! We’re glad you got there in the end. Here at UKECIG STORE we’ve been supporting Stoptober for years.

She also discusses the fact that many other countries are now reconsidering their previous attitudes towards vaping. New Zealand, which had previously banned all nicotine containing e-cigarette and e-liquid products, have now reversed their policy in the interests of public health. Canada too are legalising e-cigarettes in an attempt to allow smokers to take advantage of the many health benefits of vaping instead of smoking. It finally seems that the world is coming around to the many positive aspects of vaping!

It’s great news that academics such as Professor Bauld are being bold enough to take on the prejudice against vaping out there. And it’s high time that more people did. It’s all about information and choice, not scare tactics. She concludes: ‘If you choose to vape to stop smoking, that’s great and no-one should criticise you for that choice.”

We’re glad you think so Professor Bauld - we couldn’t agree more.

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