A Vaper's Guide for the Summer

A Vaper's Guide for the Summer

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

With clear skies and hot days — summer is officially here! With the sun hitting a scorching 30 degrees and climbing, it’s time to break out the sunscreen and ice cream! That’s right, we here at UK Ecig Store are super excited about the summertime but before we all head out to the beach and start building castles in the sun there’s something we need to talk about, safety! No, not the usual “make sure you put sunscreen on before laying in the sun” warnings, this is different. Today, we’re talking about product safety!

Let’s start with E-Liquids. We’ve spoken about this before but e-juices tend to break down with UV light from the sun, changing colours etc. But, the №1 killer of e-liquids is the heat itself. Leaving your e-juices in the car is a bad idea since the temperature inside the car can be dramatically hotter than outside. The sun’s rays essentially turn your car into a big oven with the internal temperature of a vehicle reaching a frying 55–60 degrees Celsius. If you have ever entered a car after a really hot day, you know exactly what we mean, so let’s talk about what happens when you subject your favourite e-liquids to such harsh conditions.

Firstly, the viscosity changes, even turning thicker VG based e-liquids into a runny mess. The heat also breaks down the flavourings, nicotine and even changes the texture, so your favourite flavours could taste nothing like before. Trust us, we do not recommend vaping those e-juices since they could cause your coils to gunk up and clog as well as causing your tanks to leak all over the place. Throw the liquids away and don’t bother trying to cool them down since the effects are irreversible. As we all know, everything changes with heat, steel contracts with cold and expands with heat and so does air, the other stuff in your tank. Therefore, leaving a full tank of e-juice in the car with your mod will eventually leave you with an empty tank and an e-juice covered mod!

So how do you keep this from happening for the duration of the road trip you’ve been planning for weeks? Well, it can be really simple. The chances are, you’re taking a drinks cooler with you and if you are not, it’s definitely something you should consider since an ice-cold drink will keep you cool and hydrated. Pack your e-liquid in a sealed bag and place in your cooler or you can take a cool pack or even place the e-juice in a space that is not directly in the sun’s path such as the trunk will help too.

Plan ahead if you are taking a long trip camping or away from civilisation, since the last thing anyone wants to do is vape a burnt coil or run out of juice, especially when there’s isn’t a vape shop around. Be sure to pack extra coils, wire, cotton and all the tools you need to have a comfortable trip as well as plenty of e-liquid because it’s always better to have them and not need them!

Eliquids coolers and tools aside, the most important piece of equipment you must, by all means, keep safe are your batteries, this is EXTREMELY important! We are all aware of the dangers that come with Lithium-ion batteries but pair them with an oven on wheels, you’re literally playing with fire.

When exposed to heat, the Lithium begins to oxidise at around 37 - 40 degrees Celsius and this can cause the batteries lifespan to be reduced. This means that you’ll be charging the batteries more and more since the cell’s chemical balance was disrupted. As bad as this is, it’s nothing to what could follow, since leaving the batteries exposed at temperatures of around 40+ degrees Celsius can lead to the battery overheating and inevitably venting. This also applies to devices with integrated batteries or devices which do not have removable batteries and devices themselves.

As you all should know by now, electronics don’t like heat which is the reason computers and even small electronics have heatsinks, mostly aluminium components to take the heat away from the sensitive chips and electrical wizardry. It’s been in the news before and the last thing anyone wants is another story about someone’s batteries or devices venting, especially if they could have been avoided with a few easy steps of preparation.

Battery cases for 18650s are stupidly inexpensive so we suggest you pay a couple of quid and buy a few. These will not only allow you to keep the same pair of 18650 batteries together for charging but will shield them from any metal to metal contact with keys, coins and anything lose that’s rumbling around in your pockets or bags since electrical shorts are just as bad as the heat itself.

Don’t forget to to take care of yourself and although we love the great weather, this heat can be a real nightmare so always stay cool and hydrated, taking a bottle of water on the tube if you are commuting, wearing a hat if you are walking for long distances and a white top wouldn’t hurt as the white reflects the sun’s rays, helping you stay cooler.

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We hope these little tips will help you prepare and be safe on your sunny adventures and here’s to an amazing summer!

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