A Vaping Valentines Day

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
A Vaping Valentines Day

Calling all Love birds, welcome once again to another vaping blog. Today’s post isn’t about a particular vape juice range or e-cig kit, it’s about something much more important than that. Today’s it's is all about love!

So here we are on February the 14th the most romantic day of the year, and although we’re all stuck at work on a Monday, glued to our screens and wishing we were at home spending the day with our significant others, not being able to do so gives everything a little more perspective, and some time away to plan the best way to show our affection.

Spread The Love

Everyone's idea of the perfect Valentine's day is different, some choose to share the day with our partners or friends, grabbing some good food and maybe catching a movie but here at UK ECIG STORE, we feel that it’s a little deeper than that. Today is about showing love to your loved ones, and ensuring we have as much time as possible with the people we love - and helping their quality of life, and our own.

Today is the day for loving life, loving our friends and most importantly loving ourselves! So, I’d like to invite you to take the day and enjoy this day to the best of your ability, make the most of it, and tell someone you love them.

With that being said, we would like to express how much you mean to us and the vaping community. We love and appreciate you all!

Help The One You Love Quit Smoking

There's no better way than telling someone you love them, by supporting their decisions to kick their smoking habit to the curb and helping them quit smoking for good. Giving the person you love a healthier alternative like vaping could change both of your lives for the better!

So this Valentine's day, we are offering you some awesome deals on some amazing vaping products including our sultry couples bundles, so you can spread the love this Valentine's day.

Innokin MVP Pod Bundle

The beautiful MVP bundle includes the incredible MVP pod kit, by one of the biggest names in the vaping community, Innokin.

The Innokin MVP Pod kit is a sleek kit that was designed for beginners that strive for simplicity.

It has a 500mAh battery, that gives you the ability to vape at 11W or 12.5W, for a satisfying MTL experience. It features dual activation, allowing you to choose between auto-draw or button activated.

The Pod has a preinstalled coil, avoiding any fiddly changes. Easily refill through the side filling design, giving you a simple mess-free option.

With this bundle, you can get 2 beautiful MVP pod kits, one in charming blue fade and one in cupids favourite pink fade. Perfect for you and your special someone, plus 3 delicious e-liquids. Giving you a great start to vaping.

Surge Starter Kit Bundle

The Surge starter kit has gained massive attention recently due to its revolutionary no coil vaping system. Surge uses ultrasonic technology that vaporizes e-liquid through high-speed vibrations - vibrating up to 3million times per second.

This kit is super sleek and sexy in appearance allowing for easy portability, and a striking aesthetic in hand, making it the perfect gift this Valentine's day.

It features a large 700mAh battery that has a super-fast 30 minute charging time, ensuring you're never caught short.

This kit uses pre-filled replacement pods, making topping up e-liquid completely mess and hassle-free, you can even change your pods during your romantic walk into the sunset with ease.

This bundle contains two Surge Express vape pens, one in sleek black and one in romantic sunset pink, and comes with 3 packs of pre-filled surge pods.

Smok Nord Pro Kit

The Smok Nord Pro Kit is a fantastic kit that is great for MTL and DTL vapers that like to keep their options open.

Smok is known for creating innovative and high-quality electronic cigarettes, and this Smok Nord bundle is one of the best gifts you could give on this special day.

Adjust your airflow by changing the installation direction of the pod vape tank, to give you MTL or DTL options.

This kit has a large yet compact 1100mAh battery,  allowing you to reach up to 25W. The long-lasting battery gives you an overall longer vaping time to minimize charging time and increase quality time together.

This bundle includes 2 Smok Nord Pro kits, one in alluring fluid black grey and the other in flirtatious silver red armour plus 3 delicious e-liquid flavours, giving you and your partner a fantastic and versatile vaping experience.

Happy Valentine’s day from all of us here at UK ECIG STORE, keep vaping, and spread the love, in the best way you can!

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