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Alfa Labs and the illusive E-liquid maker
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Alfa Labs and the illusive E-liquid maker

Welcome back everyone to another juice and company review! This week we’re looking at a company called Alfa Labs which comes to us all the way from Sheffield, England. As it turns out, I don’t actually know that much about them so until the blanks have been filled, I’ll just give you all the info I have and in this case, we will be focusing on the juices they offer, which means we get to try more juices! Let’s get right into it and see weather Alfa Labs are as good as I’ve been hearing, shall we?

So Alfa Labs came out of nowhere for me sometime in the last couple of weeks. I’m being honest, I never knew they existed but they do and they are here at home base! From what I know, they have around 10 years worth of experience in the vaping industry but I’m not sure if they have been Alfa Labs for 10 years but from what I can see, the trademark has been made in 2018 so I guess it’s a collection of various individuals from the vaping industry who have come together to bring us a series of juices, which is cool. If they do in fact have 10 years worth of experience, we should be in for a real treat here as I’m already expecting great things. They claim to be the manufacturer and distributor of “some of the finest and most competitively priced premium E-Liquids on the market.” That’s a direct quote and I don’t think they want to toot their own horn but, fair play, It’s juice tasting time!

Alfa Labs have several ranges and we have the two of the best. You can find them on the UK Ecig Store site and those categories are Love Puddin, a dessert type of flavour range and Ministry of Custard which is, well, custard based. I’m going to try three from each range and you should know the drill by now, freshly built RDA, new mod, time to party and we begin this tasting with the ministry of custard range and with Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Ripple and Blueberry Muffin in particular. Dripping cookies and cream was a surprise since the smell coming from the open bottles are amazing. On the inhale and exhale there’s a dominant smooth, silky milk flavour being tied around a beautiful chocolate/cereal flavour. It’s pretty much like vaping a bowl of a particular brand of chocolate corn flakes and I’m digging it so far. It’s a little heavy however so I don’t see this being an all day vape, more of an after dinner or morning vape to be fair.

Raspberry Ripple is up next and it’s one I’m looking forward to. There’s a sweet yet sour flavour coming from the open bottle and I believe that’s down to the Raspberry. Yet again, we are greeted with a silky smooth milk flavour, as well as the sweet yet sometimes sour Raspberry mixing it all together. I believe this is meant to be a raspberry ripple ice-cream although it’s incredibly hard to achieve a great ice-cream juice and I don’t think this is it as such. That doesn’t mean it is a bad juice, on the contrary! It’s a sweet yet delicate flavour and I can see what they were going for.

And with that, we move on to the last juice from the custard range, the Blueberry Muffin! I’m extremely familiar with this type of flavour since it’s one of my all-time favourite flavour profiles. Can you tell that I like blueberry muffins? With that aside, I do get a pungent aroma coming from the bottle and without hesitation, it was dripped and vaped. I have to say that without knocking any of the other juices, this is my favourite. It’s a sweet yet savoury flavour and the blueberry comes through as a sort of sweet blueberry jam, almost. It does have some of that sweet muffin flavour which all ties together flawlessly! Really impressed.

Now onto the next one and we start off the Custard Range with none other than Custard and Rhubarb, a juice which I believe to be one of the most understated flavours in the vaping industry since I rarely come across one. The bottle smells sweet, just like I imagined it to and dripping it should answer our questions. The first vape was, well a little underwhelming but it did get a lot better when I vaped it again and again and again. It’s without exaggeration, perfect. The custard is unlike any that I’ve ever tasted and it’s very, very close to the real thing! The rhubarb, on the other hand, is sweet and powerful enough to overcome the custard which leads me to wonder why my first vape was so weak; but I digress. Rhubarb and custard get a thumbs up, Cesar style!

Vanilla Custard is next and I have to say, I am not expecting much. Having already tried the rhubarb and custard, I’m guessing that all of the custard range will use the same custard base but that’s not going to stop us, is it? The scent from the bottle is similar to the rhubarb but without it, obviously and if you are a fan of vanilla custard then look no further. With the same notes as the previous one, it’s kind of hard to distinguish between the custard and vanilla since it’s very faint. Again, great flavour but I prefer something with a little more “umph” if you know what I mean.

And with that, it’s time for the last contestant in today’s write up, Custard Donut, so let’s give it a whirl! At first glance, this juice doesn’t seem to promise much but once the top is removed it will surprise even the most seasoned vapers. Again, and I hate to sound repetitive but it’s the same custard base. It will be an absolute shocker if they were not but to me they are and we make the rules here. The scent coming from the bottle and off my atomizer is not a familiar one since it’s unlike any doughnut I’ve ever tried. I’m more of a jam-filled doughnut man myself but this tastes like a cross between a soft of plain doughnut and a flavoured one, you know like the ones with cream or custard inside… I guess that was probably the point here. It’s a decent juice, it’s sweet and the mixture of the two flavours sort of bounce in and out. It’s not something I’ve tried in the past and it’s freaked me out a little!

Alfa Labs went from an illusive manufacturer to slap-bang in the middle of my radar since I’m more excited to know about their thought processes and their overall stigma so Alfa Labs if you are reading, hit me up! Would love to have a little chat. And with that my cloud boys and girls, it’s time to pull the curtains and call it a day. I’m vaped out and I’m sure your eyes hurt but I hope it’s been as fun for you as it has for me. You can find the complete list of juices available on our site and as always, keep vaping, stay safe and I’ll see you in the next one!

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Benjamin Thompson - September 10, 2021

I have the Alfa Labs Love Puddin Peanut butter split and the Crispy2 puffed rice and gooey marshmallow. Again dates back to 2018 and a year past exp but OMG, these are equivalent to some of the best American flavours. Crispy2 reminds me of Fried cream cakes by Efx. Probably got diacetyl in but who cares, that’s what makes the old skool flavours the cream of the crop imo. Btw I’ve done loads of research and the levels to get the notorious popcorn lung need to be literally millions of times higher than found in vape liquids. Hats off to Alfa Labs.💥⚡🔥🎉

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