Alfa Labs - The New Trio

Alfa Labs - The New Trio

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

What’s up man, Dude here, welcome back to another e-liquid blog! Today we are taking another look at Alfa Labs E Liquids. Last time we checked these guys out, we were talking about two of their ranges, Love Puddin’ and Ministry of Custard. Flavours which came through really well and if you haven’t had a chance to read the previous blog or just missed it, you can still check it out. This will give you a better understanding of Alfa Labs and hopefully get you on the same page.

If you can’t be bothered to read the previous blog, let me give you a little rundown. Alfa Labs were pretty new to me since the last time I wrote a blog, but they had a lot going for them. The way I understand it is, a few individuals with years of experience in the vaping world decided to group up and like a bunch of badass mixologists, formed what we now know as Alfa Labs. As I said before, their flavours were well received both by us and people who purchased them so it’s only right we take a second look at their new e-liquids. With that, the new e liquids they brought to the table are insane and just like my hero The Big Lebowski, I could go for a White Russian right about now and I’ll be damned if I don’t mix one up real quick. Oh, wait, that’s the first e-liquid! Let’s get into it, man!

The White Russian is originally an alcoholic beverage, created some time in the 1950s although no one knows which came first, the Black Russian or the White. Primarily made up with Vodka, ice, fresh cream and Kahlúa, a type of coffee liqueur which I wasn’t a fan of until a few years ago if I’m completely honest and Kahlúa is not a great choice for your first cup of coffee but uh, that’s just my opinion man…

It’s time to introduce the stars of today’s show, a few specialist devices which I was given in order to test and what better way to test some vaping equipment than to vape them! It’s a special occasion because it seems the Mechanical Mods are making a comeback. And I know what you’re thinking, he’s probably got a 18650 tube mod and you know what, you could not be more wrong because this week, I’m stacking! That’s right, I am using a stacked, 21700 mechanical mod, dishing out 8.4V of power! How insane is that? It’s called the Overpowered V2 Mod and lucky for me, that’s not all I’ve got because sitting on top of this green monster is, of course, a Kennedy 24 RDA from last week, quite possibly one of the greatest RDA’s of all time, period.

So with 8.4V at my disposal, it’s time to try these e liquids out and I’m excited. Smelling the bottle is like taking a bag of coffee to the face, coffee which is strong and enticing at the same time and quite pleasant actually. The first vape brings the creaminess to the surface, perhaps slightly hidden in both the inhale and exhale, although the centre of attention is the coffee itself. Sweet, yet strong and the overall flavour ties in together really well.

The other variant of the White Russian is, of course, the Black Russian, basically the same thing but without the cream hence the name… The same flavour is evident with the first vape although, the cream is gone the coffee seems more focused, richer but earthy and still sweet. This time it seems a little bit nutty though, something I hadn’t tasted before.

Lastly, we’re looking at something a little different and that’s Kingsman. The flavour coming from the bottle is a strong one, a tobacco type of eliquid which is mixed with various aromatics, although it smells sweeter than I expected. With a fresh piece of cotton wicking my coils, it’s drippin’ time! The first vape is unexpected, let me explain why. Tobacco is almost always quite spicy, it almost carries a sour note to it which is why I believe it’s so hard to get a good tobacco right. Saying that this seems pleasant and there are more tones to uncover here so let’s dive back in. it’s still sweet and kind of nutty so if you have an allergy to nuts, I would steer clear but the touch of Coffee seems to set things right for me, personally. Vanilla and Caramel are both evident here and the description confirms it as well as identifying the nutty flavour as Hazelnut. It’s interesting that I could pick up something like that with such a strong flavour, but I dig it overall!

And with that, it’s time to pull the curtains. Have you tried any of Alfa Lab’s flavours and if so, let us know what you thought and if you enjoyed them as much as we did. As always though, I’ll see you out the same way I always do, kick ass, keep vaping and I’ll see you soon, dudes!

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