Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

April was a great month for a number of reasons! Not only did we get to finally see loved ones, let ourselves eat an abundance of chocolate eggs, but pubs opened - albeit outside but sometimes you have to settle a bit. Fortunately, though that was not the case for vaping products we did not settle last month, and have released some products that we think you will absolutely love.

April gave us some amazing products spanning from Vape juices to Mods, Pens, Tanks and Kits all from the industry-leading brands. We have selected our absolute favourite products from each category. Because April was such a hectic month for a lot of us there may have been some awesome vaping products that could have slipped under your radar, but don't worry, we have got you covered with all of the best vaping products you may have missed in April:

Vape Juice - Doozy Vape 100ml Seriously Slushy

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

Seriously Slushy E-Liquid by Popular UK based vaping brand Doozy Vape is a refreshing collection of shortfill e liquids. They are all 100ml and are nicotine free, but come in a 120ml capacity bottle, so if you did want to add your favourite nicotine strength shot there's room. All of these products are made in the UK and are created with the finest British ingredients.

The Seriously Slushy e liquid vape juice collection come in 6 mouth-watering flavours, but the overarching theme is Slushys or Slushees, think summer nights at your local open-air cinema, or a nostalgic family day out at your favourite theme park:

Lime Berry

This tongue-tingling flavour vape juice is one of this collections greatest, and honestly leans more towards the smooth revitalizing flavours found in sorbet. This flavour combines the sharp sourness of lime with a sweet drizzle of your favourite summer berries.

Lemon Lime

This flavour embodies everything summer! It has an icy freshness with a strong tangy current. Lemon and lime has always been a popular combination, not much can quite beat the sweetness of lemons with the bitter sharpness of lime and in this vape juice, you can expect the exact same experience.

Grape Soda

In the UK we do pretty well in terms of fizzy drinks and slushy flavours, but something about this grape soda vape juice reminds me of the USA, and takes me back to Disneyland and universal studios in the summer!

Raspberry Tangerine

Raspberry and Tangerine may not be the most obvious combination but the flavours compliment each other beautifully. A zesty tangerine works great as any frozen beverage, but when you combine Raspberry it's game over! This e liquid vape juice is fresh, juicy and slightly tangy perfect for the summer.

Mixed Berries

Remember those infamous blue slushies that would turn your tongue bright blue, but you couldn't quite figure out the flavour it was just blue, if blue was your favourite, this is exactly what you should expect from this e liquid and you will love this flavour.

Berry Watermelon

Watermelon is a unique flavour, you either love it or hate it, I personally choose to love it! Watermelon e liquid is the perfect refreshing flavour but isn't necessarily the strongest, so Doozy Vape has taken the liberty to add a sprinkling of berries, which ties the flavoured together fantastically.

Vape Mods - Smok Arcfox Mod

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

At the top of the list of best Vape Mods released in April, and maybe even this year, is the Smok Arcfox Mod. 

Smok is known for creating awesome and reliable products and they are one of the most popular and sought after brands in the industry (they've made it on this list twice!).

If you are after a high powered, sub ohm, fully customisable mod the Arcfox might deserve a place on your list. The design and quality of this kit is superb, it is made of durable zinc alloy and feels solid in your hand. The word for this vaping mod is certainly durable! Its exterior is scratch resistant and non-slip and has a metal and leather shell to protect the fuselage. In addition, the Arcfox mod has exquisite features that add to its durability and certainly makes it stand out from the majority of vape mods. Its IP67 waterproof, dust proof and shock proof, meaning it can withstand water immersion of over 1 meter depths and quite a bit of droppage.

Overall as far as vape mods go, this device has a number of amazing qualities and is great if you're a sub-ohm more advanced and vaping enthusiast. The highlights:

  • Well built quality
  • Incredibly durable
  • Great flavour
  • High-end design
  • Customisable
  • Clear colour screen

We love this device, but if you are new or semi-new to vaping this device may be a little overwhelming for you so we recommend an easier to use vaping device like the Smok Morph 40 Pod Kit for a simpler vaping experience.

Vape Kits - Smok Morph Pod 40 Kit

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

At the very top of the vape kits list this month is the awesome Smok Morph Pod 40. Yes, another Smok vape kit but Smok has really knocked it out of the park this month.

The Smok Morph Pod 40 kit is part of the Smok Morph range however this one is slightly different and we think all the better. The original morph kit and the Morph 2 were both more robust bustling box mod vape kits, but the Smok Morph Pod 40 Kit is a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing pod kit. A stand out feature in this vape kit is a massive side facing fire button which is easily pushed when held in your palm.

This vape kit is truly versatile and great for anyone who likes to switch up their vaping styles, or would like to experiment with different vaping styles. This is all possible with an elegant airflow adjustment switch, so it does make a great starter kit, switching between MTL and DTL vaping which most vapers can get on board with.

All of those features are awesome, to say the least but the feature which makes this device so creative and unique is its super cool display. The display homes a number of impressive options which are easily selected with the large fire button including the display flip where you can choose how you want to view your vape details. It also displays your battery life, wattage, resistance and your fire button time (seconds).

Vape Tanks - Wotofo Profile M Mesh RTA

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

Next on the list is a state of the art advanced vapers RTA Tank. For those of you that are new to the vaping industry you might, this might be a bit of a mind-blow for you but RTA's are the ultimate tanks for vape lovers and they are definitely worth you knowing about. RTA's are Rebuildable Tank Atomisers that are perfect for people who like to construct their vape kit themselves with all of their favourite new vaping bits.

The Wotofo Profile M Mesh RTA is a sub-ohm tank and has got a lot of positive ratings from well known vaping experts and this tank may well be the best from Wotofo when it comes to tanks.

This smart device stands at around 28mm (without the drip tip and pin) and has a solid diameter of 24.5mm. It houses mesh coils so increased service area meaning its long long-lasting, and has a large surface area, ultimately meaning great flavour and vapour. It has adjustable top airflow, with splits and slanted paths - this means it splits the airflow into several streams before it goes into the inner honeycombed chamber, fancy!

This vape tank comes in a range of beautiful colours and of course, has a 2ml capacity, we recommend using this device with low nicotine strength or zero nicotine liquid.

Vape Pens - Vaporesso Luxe Q Kit

Aprils Best New Vape Products You May Have Missed

Last but certainly not least we have the Vaporesso Luxe Q Kit, which is the most vape pen-ish style kit on the list. This vape kit is probably the most user-friendly vape kit on the list.

Vaporesso continues to create considerate and high quality devices and the Luxe Q Kit is one of the best. One thing to consider about this device is it's probably smaller than you think, it stands at under 92mm and elegantly fits in your hand. Despite its compact size though, it's relatively powerful offering you an adjustable airflow, which can be altered by rotating the pod 180 degrees and a 1000mAh battery - which fully changes in just an hour.

The Luxe Q is super simple to use, just pop out your transparent pod, fill it up from the bottom and pop it back in, you are easily able to see your e-liquid level and your coil from the outside, then inhale, no fire button necessary. This usability is designed to speak to current smokers who are used to cigarettes and are looking to quit and new vapers, it's a great starter kit, is hassle free and gives you a truly satisfying vaping experience and we absolutely love it.

Did you miss any of these products last month? Let us know in the comments below!

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