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Best of Mango E-Liquids
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Best of Mango E-Liquids

Hello all! Welcome to our newest blog which I cannot wait to share with you! This week I have been given the delightful task of trying and reporting back on 3 great Mango flavoured E-Liquids! These E-Liquids have been selected by one of my colleagues here at UK ECIG STORE HQ and I have to say that he is in my good books right about now! The reason for this is that I absolutely love mango e-liquids and cannot wait to try out his selections!

I think before we dive into the testing of the vape juices it would be a good idea to know exactly what we are getting ourselves into with some fun facts about mangoes!

Fun Fact 1: Mangoes come in many different shapes, sizes and colours including yellow, orange, red and green.

Fun Fact 2: Giving someone a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship.

Fun Fact 3: Mangoes are related to cashews and pistachios.

Fun Fact 4: Mangoes are a popular fruit that can be used in fruit smoothies.

Fun Fact 5: The oldest living mango tree is 300 years old and is found in East Khandesh. Surprisingly, this tree still produces fruit!

So now we know a little more about mangoes, let us jump into the testing of the flavours! We have three flavours to vape which are Mango Mirage from the UK ECIG STORE 10ml range, Sweet Mango from Malaysian Man and Juicy Mango from the new LDN LIQ short fill range.

So I think it is good practice to start at the very beginning, Mango MirageMango Mirage is a 10ml e-liquid which has a PG/VG ratio of 70PG/30VG. Now although this is not a ratio I tend to go for I know it has been designed to be vaped within mouth to lung (MTL) vape kits such as The One Kit by UK ECIG STORE or the Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit as a couple of examples. Due to the higher Propylene glycol content, Mango Mirage has a lot of sweet mango flavour and this is paired with a good amount of throat hit from the 8mg nicotine. This will be perfect if you use a Starter Kit or Pod Kit as Mango Mirage is available in either 0mg, 8mg, 12mg or 18mg of nicotine. The vapour production is not as much as a higher VG e-liquid, although it does work perfectly in MTL kits and I must say that I enjoyed using it.

After a little while, it was time to try out our second e-liquid of the day which comes from Malaysian Man. Malaysian Man has been producing top quality e-liquids and their initial range was released in September last year which included their Sweet Mango Short Fill E-Liquid. As the name suggests, this vapes really well with a sweet flavour of delicious ripe mango coming through with every puff! I found that it had a strong taste that stayed in my mouth for a little while after exhaling, which was very pleasant. I cannot find any fault at all with this E-Liquid and it appears that Malaysian Man knows what they are doing and put a lot of time and effort into creating delicious vape juices.

I had to leave a little time between trying the Sweet Mango from Malaysian Man, before moving on to Juicy Mango from the new 50ml Short Fill Range by LDN LIQ. I am pleased that I did as this allowed me to taste this flavour in all of its glory! The Juicy Mango from LDN LIQ has a tropical taste, which is both sweet and refreshing. You can taste the natural flavour of ripe mango within this vape juice and it is perfect for use within a sub ohm vape tank.

I cannot thank my colleague enough for suggesting these flavours and I think it is safe to say that after trying all three mango flavours, it only reinforces my love of mango vape juices!

If you would to find out more about any of the products that have been featured in this blog then we have all three, currently available online and if you need any help or assistance, our Customer Service team are on hand to answer your questions. You can reach them via email on or on 0203 475 4885 by telephone.

If you need any further information regarding any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us today and we'll guide you through the best vape kits and tanks to help you choose your first e-cigarette! Don't forget to check out our vape e-liquids to choose the best tasting vape juices to go with your vape kits!

I have to bring myself back from this tropical paradise that I have been transported to using these three e-liquids but I will catch you all soon!

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