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Bottoms Up For St. Patrick!
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Bottoms Up For St. Patrick!

You know Patrick, right?

He’s that guy at the end of the bar…

If you’ve ever raised a glass of whiskey or a Guinness on the 17th March you’re in good company.  St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, which is a beautiful land of rolling green hills and slate grey rock. The thing about Ireland is that it rains. A lot. It rains for weeks at a time. That persistent soaking drizzle that no coat or brolly can keep out.

So, what do you do? That’s easy, you just nip into one of the thousands of cozy pubs and have a quiet drink or two. You can park yourself in front of the roaring fire, kick your feet up and relax. It’ll rain all day and that’s that. No sense in worrying about it. Maybe someone’s playing the guitar. Maybe there’s a wolfhound asleep on the floor. This could last all day. And that would be just fine…

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated, the world over, whether people are Irish or not. Streets are showered with shamrocks, spilled stout and drunken revelers. Everybody is out for a good time. The US and Canada both have huge Irish communities and they come out in force for the street parades. They even celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires!

The day after St Patrick’s Day is the one you want to look out for. Famous for hangovers, days off work and the need to consume fast food.

Was it worth it?

I think so… I can’t really remember!

Well, how’s about leaving that hangover behind this time? Come and see the Cocktail Man!

Cocktails? That’s booze though right?

Wrong! These cocktails are deliciously alcohol free - and you inhale them!

Cocktail Man - Happy Hour St Patrick's Day Blog Banner

That’s right folks, here at UKECIGSTORE we’re celebrating St Patrick’s day in a different way this year.

Introducing…. Cocktail Man e-liquids.

This popular range of flavours is back by demand. Think premium, beverage inspired e-liquids that give you all the flavours of your favorite cocktail, without the hangover.

Your friendly mixologist Cocktail Man is on standby, shaker in hand, waiting for your order.

Cocktail Man - Mojito 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Mojito - Mint Lemonade

Imagine jumping off a tall mint leaf into a swimming pool of lemonade and you’re halfway there. This cocktail classic will have you racing back to the bar for more!

Cocktail Man - Punch 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Punch - Tropical Fruits

The punch bowl is the centre of any party. This juice is just bursting with tropical fruit - mangos, peaches, all that good stuff. Grab your glass and head on over.

Cocktail Man - Cherrytini 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Cherrytini - Cherry Lime Cola

If you like your cola with a twist of fruit then this could be the juice for you. Cherries and limes go great with the black stuff, just wait and see.  

Cheers! Happy St Patrick’s Day now…. enjoy the festivities.

Your friends at UK ECIG STORE.

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