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Ciao VaporArt!
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ciao VaporArt!

VaporArt is a leading manufacturer of e-liquids who originate from Italy and show that the Italians really do know how to produce top quality vape juices for all of us vapers who prefer the finer things in life! So we should find out a little more about VaporArt, who they are and what they do. Their process of studying new flavors, production and packaging take place entirely in Italy and the company has its own production site in Cremosano (CR) where all the processes are carried out to ISO9001 standards respecting the most rigorous quality controls.

Since the beginning of its activity, VaporArt has paid great attention to the quality of the raw materials, all of pharmaceutical grade with FU and EP certification.

Their goal is to provide a product with unparalleled quality and taste, maintaining the highest levels of industry standards. VaporArt respects the European TPD regulation both for packaging and for the characteristics of its liquids. All of VaporArt’s e-liquids are exclusively produced, tested and packaged in Italy (100% made in Italy). Their team of experts creates and tests every single aroma selecting and using only the highest quality ingredients and only with pharmaceutical grade purity. 

VaporArt have a huge variety of e-liquids and I have personally tried a couple of these and would love to share my feedback with you!

The first e-liquid in question was their Serious Mango E-liquid from the VaporArt 50ml Short Fill range. This is an ice cool mango vape so if you are not a fan of menthol then it may not be for you, although if you do enjoy a cool vape then this e-liquid is magnificent. You instantly get the fresh cooling menthol on the inhale which is very powerful and the mango flavour isn’t missing either. On the exhale the menthol subsides to leave the exotic taste of ripe mango dancing around in your mouth. It is very enjoyable to vape and I could happily use this as an all day vape!

After a little while of enjoying the Serious Mango, I thought it would be good to try a tobacco style of e-liquid from the Valkiria range. The first thing I noticed about the Blackbeard e-liquid from within this range was that it is a 40ml short fill. This is perfect for a tobacco flavour as I prefer using 2 nicotine shots in tobacco flavour vape juices to make it 6mg in nicotine content. The 20ml of space within the bottle allowed me to do this easily and I didn’t have to mess around transferring it into another unicorn bottle to mix. Very well played VaporArt! 

Blackbeard is a tobacco vape juice that contains a mix of Pueblo and Latakia tobacco flavours which has been expertly combined with a tip of Marron Glacé, coffee and honey. When combined, all the flavours create a very enjoyable vape indeed. You can really taste the different layers of the flavour coming through as you inhale and exhale this juice. I really enjoyed trying this one out as it is not normally a flavour that I would personally use on a daily basis but I can now see why there is a market for impressive tobacco flavours. 

I would have loved to try more of their range and I am sure over the coming few weeks I will work my way through quite a few of them. We currently have 32 of their flavours online from four different ranges.

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If you would like any more information on any of the flavours within the ranges by VaporArt then please feel free to contact our customer services team by email at or you can call them on 02034754885.

Ciao for now!

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