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Coilade E Liquid Breakdown
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Coilade E Liquid Breakdown

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another company and juice breakdown and this week, I’ve been thrown a box of some new juices from a company called Coilade! Let’s break it down and see what these people are about!

There’s a trend emerging in the vape world and I’m not sure if it just popped up or it’s been around for a while and I missed it, probably the latter but this trend or attribute as I should say is coil friendly e-liquids… let’s begin, shall we? Since the early summer of 2015, a “global giant” has emerged from the depths of the vaping oceans and as they put it, “formed a revolutionising vision”. That giant happens to be the one and only Coilade, a company solely focused on quality, the purity of their e-liquids, scientific research and above all, no compromises!

That’s a great start and I’m pretty impressed so far but let’s dig a little deeper and with that, let’s look into their philosophy. Coilade has strived for perfection since the very beginning and it’s evident. How do I know? Well, I’ve kept my eye on them and from what I can tell with my all-seeing eye is that the consumer is the most important part of their scientific formula and business model. Coilade also strives to create a brand which is global as well as paying attention to the market and trying to keep things as affordable as possible and that actually stands for something.

The key thing to take away here is that the brand philosophy and ethos is to add value to their stakeholders, suppliers, consumers, staff and most importantly, the vaping community overall. Is this the case and has it worked’ it’s time to find out! Following suit with all e-liquid manufacturers, Coilade has put immense effort into their research and development, using their team of specially trained scientists and researchers which resulted in a range of juices which is not only coil friendly but also formulated to leave you, the vaper active and energised. With that being said, I want to quickly cover a subject if I may, coil-friendly juices; what does that mean and why should that matter? Well, some e juices have artificial flavourings and sweeteners added sometimes. It’s rare, but it does happen. Coilade has formulated their juices with 100% natural flavourings and sweeteners. This is a great trait to have since focusing on perfection again allows for better quality. See what I meant about the whole purity thing? Furthermore, artificial stuff is the reason coils gunk up so much, the sugar caramelises and creates that black stuff which ruins your coils so often, which is why some people change coils once every 5–6 days or even earlier which is a joke. It puts a strain on you since maintenance goes up but it also puts a strain on your wallet. I know, coils ain’t that expensive but still, it all adds up.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the juices, the main attraction here. Coilade talks the talk but do they walk the walk? As always, I’m going to try a few of these and report back to you, instead of listing their whole range. So for now, I’m going to pick my favourites, who knows, they might just be your cup of tea. These are classed in colours instead of names like “ the Thrilla Gorilla” or that kind of stuff, but for now, I’m choosing Yellow and Red.

Starting with yellow, a juice blending Lemon and lime which is, in my opinion, a difficult flavour to create since it’s hard to combine these flavours without losing some flavour due to mixing, trust me I’ve tried. I have to say, sitting here vaping Yellow is reminiscent of a key lime pie, it’s a gorgeous flavour which actually cleanses the palate quite nicely. I was vaping the juices from Bumblebee from last time and if you have not read that blog, you can do so here. But as I was saying, it got rid of pretty much all remnants on my palate which I was kind of waiting for with a strong citrus like this. Going back to the flavour mixing, it’s easy to differentiate between what’s lime and what’s lemon with subtle hints of both on the exhale. A decent flavour which might just be my pick of the month as far as citrus juices go and that’s a big deal, I think. Red is up next and since Yellow is a tough act to follow, I’m looking forward to it. A mix of cola and cherries, it’s quite strong and sweet, with subtle notes of the cola coming through but being overpowered by the strong, sweet cherries. It’s a really nice surprise to taste such a nice cherry in an e-liquid, which would otherwise taste very artificial in any other context. I mean that with the best intentions but every cherry I’ve tasted so far holds no candle to Red and I feel that going with the Bumblebee theme, this Cherry is a welcome note for me. That’s it for this week’s boys and girls, have you tried these juices yet and if so, do you agree with my blabbering or do you disagree? Let me feel it in the comment section down below and as always, be safe and happy vaping!

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