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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Corona Brothers And Their Works Of Art

Buenos días damas y caballeros! As always mi nombre es Yianno and we’re back to do another juice review and this one comes to us all the way from Mexico! That’s right, the awesome folks who make the best food we are familiar with, are also in the vape game! I'm already excited since if these liquids are as good as the above mentioned I am so with it!So, without further ado, entremos en eso!

The Corona Brothers has been around since early 2016 and have have one thing on their mind, creating some of the best liquids! With that, they have achieved greatness, by becoming one of the largest manufacturers not just in Mexico but all of South America which is cool as hell. But you know, there's something else here too. Usually, I would ask companies to give me a little info on themselves as to see if they are full of crap or if they are actually telling the truth, paired up with what I can dig up of course. Most companies would say things like they are proud of the quality of their liquids and how big their labs are and that’s fine because it’s important stuff but what I don’t get, is that hardly ever in fact that companies seem to get lost in money, awards etc. This company is focused on the people who are looking to quit smoking and this is one of the main reasons Corona Brothers do what they do.  i’m not sure about you, but this ticks a lot of boxes for me. I mean, that’s why we’re in the vape game in the first place right; to help people quit smoking and improve their health, it’s the only reason people are fighting to get the government's on our sides, and these tobacco companies out the door.

Corona Brother have locked their sights into creating some unique flavours and by reading the bottles and their descriptions which are in Spanglish but then again, a little language barrier never stopped us! There’s a few juices that caught my eye and those are Rosh 613, The Mix One and Jelly Nut. Let’s begin and see if the righteous Brothers have created a truly decent vape or if they have missed their mark.

First up iRosh 613 which I am pretty sure 613 stands for an area code in Mexico and a quick google search reveals the location, commonly known as Buenavista! Why does this matter? Well, let’s look into the juice itself. A mix of Scarlet grains of pomegranate and blueberries, which I believe to be native to the area as common fruits and commonly used in food but I’m not 100% on that so if I’m wrong, feel free to call me out on it!

So then, pomegranate and blueberries; the aroma coming from the bottle is amazing, with pungent fragrances of pomegranate but I believe it’s muting the blueberry a little but not enough for me to complain. A few drips on the RDA which this week happens to be a Fancier RTA in RDA mode, sitting on a virtually indestructible GeekVape - Aegis Legend and set to 100w. This is a flavour i’m familiar with in the sense that I really adore anything pomegranate but I have never tried a juice like this, especially mixed with blueberry before. There are sweet notes coming through from the blueberry which is amazing by the way and the pomegranate does so well to complement it. Again, a mixture of sweet and a little sour on both the inhale and exhale, it’s a brilliant flavour and as good as my descriptive skills are (or lack thereof), it’s really a flavour you have to try to be able to understand it correctly.

Now for the next juice, it’s The Mix One and i'll be honest, I have no idea what to say about it because quite frankly I have never heard of this particular fruit in my life. I’m sure you’re asking why I’ve hit a dead end? Well, the juice in question is derived from a tropical South American / Caribbean fruit called the Guanabana fruit. You have to keep in mind that I’m an island boy, born and raised in the sapphire blue waters of Cyprus and in all my years in the culinary arts as a chef and in my private time, looking for the most exotic fruits and ingredients, I have never come across this fruit. Upon further research, however, it goes by another name and that is a Soursop fruit and again, no idea. But, I’m going in and the first thing to note is how fantastic this smells! I’m not kidding, it’s a mixture between a strawberry and maybe coconut or banana; maybe pineapple? Every single time I try to smell this juice it’s a failure because I can always smell something different. Well done Corona Brothers, it seems that in all my years as a reviewer, you are the ONLY juice manufacturer to catch me off guard and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Vaping the Mix One is an occasion in its own right too since once again, the flavour differs so much that this just might be the one of my personal favourites. The taste is constantly changing throughout the vaping that I don’t even want to attempt to describe it but I will leave you with this, it does taste amazing, whatever the hell this is!

Onto the next one and we have none other than the most common and most loved snack of all time, Peanut Butter and Jelly! Well, not quite as they call it Jelly Nut but that’s semantics. The classic flavour of peanut butter and strawberry jelly is basically the soul of this juice and let’s face it, it’s unbeatable. Both inhale and exhale are sweet thanks to the strawberry jelly as well as the peanut butter contributing to the party and letting you know it’s there, just in case you forgot. The strawberry is a full body flavour with the peanut butter being so too but the saltiness comes through so well it almost makes me feel as though I grabbed a spoonful and licked it. Excellent work here!

And that’s it, the Corona Brothers came, they saw and oh boy, have they conquered! I’d like to extend a personal note to Corona Brothers themselves if you are in fact reading my scribblings, and say that I really admire the effort you have put into your juices and the work you have put in also. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for being one of the companies which places the people, the vapers above all else and making sure your community knows exactly where it’s headed, a world free of smoking and a world full of flavour and good times.

And that’s it ladies and gents, it’s the end for today but as always I shall leave you with my keynote, be safe and keep vaping and look out for me in the next Fiesta!

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