The Fetch Mini Vape Pod Kit is here!

The Fetch Mini Vape Pod Kit is here!

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Welcome everyone to an exciting product review! In today’s edition we will be having an in depth look at the new Smok Fetch Mini Vape Kit. 

I have been a huge fan of the vape kits that Smok have been creating recently, such as the Nord Kit and the RPM40 Kit. The Pod Kit style of vape device has become a favourite for a lot of new vapers and regular vapers alike due to the compact size of the devices and mouth to lung style of inhale. Pod Kits tend to be very lightweight and easy to carry around in a pocket or handbag and work really well with a variety of e-liquids.

What is the Smok Fetch Mini Vape Kit?

The Fetch Mini is one of the newest pod style vape kits to be released from Smok and has been upgraded both inside and out! Both sides of the body are made from high-end glass (hardness rating of 7) that bring a sophisticated and glossy finish to the exterior of the device. 

Does the Fetch Mini use pods or a vape tank?

The Fetch Mini Vape Kit uses 2ml replacement pods which offer a leak free way to vape your favourite E-Liquid. The pods attach to the kit and click in place being held tight by magnetic connectors. The Fetch Mini Pods are made from food grade plastic that makes them safe, reliable and corrosion resistant. 

Which coils does the Fetch Mini Kit use?

Within the replacement pods you will find the heating element which is also known as the atomizer coil. The coils come with a variety of different resistances that can offer both a mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping experience. The pods are very versatile when it comes to the coils they can use and are compatible with the RPM Range of coils as well as the Nord Coils. This will make life a lot easier if you have either of these as the coils you purchase will be able to be used in your original kit as well as the new Fetch Mini. The coils tend to last a week or so, but as with all coils, this can fluctuate depending on the ratio of the e-liquid used, the power used and also the number of puffs you take in a day. 

Does the Fetch Mini have airflow?

It does indeed! The Fetch Mini actually has a dual air intake channel which allows for increased vapour production and an intense flavour too! Due to having a larger mouthpiece than a lot of its rivals within the pod kit category, the Fetch keeps giving you more and more flavour.

What are the key features of the Fetch Mini Pod Kit?

Smok has increased the performance of the Fetch Mini Pod Kit by using a new chipset that has reduced the firing time of the device to 0.001 seconds - that is super fast! The wattage range on the device can be manually adjusted between 5W and 40W depending on the preference of the vaper and can also be adjusted depending on the resistance of the coil to suit.

What E-Liquid should I use in the Fetch Mini?

The Fetch Mini, due to the variation in coils is very versatile and can be used with a huge selection of vape juices. It is ideal for use with both regular e-liquids and nicotine salt e-liquids too! If you would like to find out more information regarding nicotine salts or regular e-liquid then you may find our Nicotine Salts Guide very handy.

So to sum up, how did the Fetch Mini Kit perform?

I have to admit, when I heard Smok was bringing this out I was excited and the good news is that it hasn’t let me down! The looks of the device are sleek with clean lines and it feels great to hold in your hand when using. The device itself performs really well and the flavour and vapour it produces for a very compact kit is pretty good. I preferred to use the Kit with the new RPM 0.4 Ohm Mesh Coils as I found they gave me the cleanest flavour. I’m not sure if it would take over from my sub ohm kit as my daily vape but I think this kit would be an amazing choice for everyone who loves to use MTL or Sub Ohm Pod Kits.

That is all for today! I will catch you all next time, I’m going to Fetch myself another new pod kit in a different colour!

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