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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen of the vaping world, it’s Yianno and I have just received yet another package and you guessed it, it’s liquids! They come to us from close to home, and the company responsible for vaping me out is none other than Humble Pie. We got a box full of liquids to test so let’s see if they are any good, if you should even care or if Humble Pie will be eating, well — Humble Pie! Haha. Let’s do this, shall we?

Humble Pie, you seem to be yet another elusive presence in the vaping game but let me tell you this, you are under my watchful eye now and we all know there’s no escaping that, don’t we? I’m like the Sauron of vaping! That aside, Humble Pie poses an intriguing question for me and that is, should e-liquids reflect who we are as people? And not only that but should they reflect a point in time, a precious memory, moment or a family tradition? I believe so. With that in mind, let me explain why I pose this question. You see, the things we cherish most in life are not the experiences themselves but the memories, the people whom we shared them with, the good times and the bad. Here’s where Humble Pie comes in, they have chosen to create their range of juices around one simple thing, Mum’s desserts and for that, it’s hats off to you just for the idea.

As a kid growing up, the thing I looked forward to most was after dinner, when Mum would bake the most delicious puddings and cakes just for us to enjoy as a family and the fact of the matter is, Mum and her slices of heaven made those occasions and it’s why I smile whilst writing this.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this but hey, it is what it is! Now let’s talk vaping. I ask each company to give me a little something, a little smidgen of info about them for me too build a little character in my head. It’s not much but it’s like meeting a person for the first time and you instantly know what they are about. “Make great e-liquids that we’re proud to call our own. This is the mission we live by” was the first line and may I just say, you smashed it. Confident and energetic whilst humble and composed but what followed was the key, “We believe that great e-liquid cannot be attributed to a single factor. It takes high-quality ingredients, awesome people and a passion for vaping that should shine through in every bottle.”

Sounds pretty good right?

Once again, I will be picking a few juices out an assortment of six liquids. Enough to give you an idea, not enough to bore you! Those juices today are chosen because of complexity and execution and today we have none other than Rhubarb & Custard, Pink Custard and Lemon Tart. Oh by the way, did I mention that most of these are Custard based? Because seriously, it’s all over the place. And that’s not just me saying it, Humble pie kind of brag about it! Fair enough, bring it on!

First off let’s look at Rhubarb and Custard, a combination of flavours as infamous as PB&J, muscle cars and big V8’s and strawberries and cream, you know where I’m going with this…

This flavour is intense, even opening the bottle is bringing back memories but the aroma itself is beautiful. It’s a strong rhubarb and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Onto the dripper which this week happens to be a Flawless — Anarchist Atomizer that I had lying around and the mod it’s sitting on is a very cool Arms Race V2 by Limitless Mod Co. That being said, the juice is wild, man. There are layers here which you can actually taste. The rhubarb mix with the custard and what a custard this is, thick and juicy. It’s great and I have to say as far as the juice is concerned, knocked it out of the ballpark! Tasty, sweet and well executed.

Pink Custard is next and again, I suspect the custard base is the same; just reused over and over again. It does NOT mean it’s a bad flavour, it also doesn’t mean I'm right but it’s just a really good base in fact. So Pink Custard is meant to be a Strawberry custard and let me say that I have never tried a strawberry custard but this is really good. I want you all to know, this is what I wished all strawberry juices tasted like as it’s super rich and creamy at the same time, thumbs up from me!

And last but not least we have Lemon Tart, a juice I never thought I would review just because mixing citrus with a custard, dessert base only works in the real world. Hardly any manufacturers have attempted and succeeded because It’s incredibly heavy in most cases and you are better off throwing your money away than purchasing these types of juices but… Do we have a winner here? I expected the aroma to just blow my head off with sour citrus from the lemon but surprisingly, it’s very pleasant. It genuinely smells like a dessert and it sure as hell tastes like it too! I was so set on figuring out if this juice will work that I forgot to look into its flavour notes but there’s time. The tart crust part of the juice is something I never expected to play a role but it’s there and it wants you to know it. Above that, the rich, full-bodied flavour of the lemon filling and very surprisingly, a slight hint of meringue? Although I am not too sure about that last part, this is definitely a winner!

And that’s that boys and girls, Humble Pie in all its glory or most of it I should say. I truly hope you have enjoyed another view into the people behind some of your favourite juices and hopefully have taken something away from this whole experience. You can find all the necessary links above and as always, have fun, be safe and keep vaping!

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