Is this the end of Vaping?

Is this the end of Vaping?

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

No doubt, most of you will have heard about the serious illnesses, injuries and deaths that have occurred in the USA over the past month, which have been attributed to vaping by some sections of the media. On the surface, it seems like all of those affected had a common trait between them – they all vaped. However, if you look deeper, it’s not that simple. As a company focused on the health and safety of vapers, we feel it is important to keep customers informed and up to date with all the relevant vaping related news.

Vaping in the UK has become more and more popular over the last decade and now there are just over three million e-cigarette users.

In the UK there have been no reported deaths attributed to vaping.

As a company, we make sure that all of our products are registered with the relevant bodies and comply with all UK e-cigarette and general product safety laws. In addition, we have strict controls in place, ensuring that all products sold have been lab tested for harmful elements. The UK is very different to the USA in terms of regulation and is much more stringent on which products are allowed to be sold.

What is happening in the USA?

As of 17th September 2019, seven deaths have been attributed to Vaping Associated Pulmonary Injury (VAPI) in the USA. Currently, there are also 380 other cases that the Federal Health Agency is investigating.

The above situation has led for some to suggest that vaping should be banned, e-liquids should have no flavours and other similar draconian suggestions have been put forward by politicians across the USA. This has all been done without looking at the causes that led to these deaths and health injuries.

The New York State department received 34 cases of vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) in early September and nearly all of these cases were discovered to be caused by black market vaping (THC) products. Specifically, the compound Vitamin E Acetate was found to be present in THC vape cartridges. This compound is used as a thickening agent and a possible explanation is that it is being used by the black market drug dealing industry to disguise diluted THC e-liquids.

However, what we do know is that the vast majority of those affected were using THC products that contain the harmful compound – Vitamin E Acetate.

Is vaping safe?

All e-liquids sold by UK ECIG STORE are free from the above mentioned black market ingredients and THC, which is illegal in the UK.

As a responsible vape company, UK ECIG STORE only markets its products to smokers. Vape products should only be used by those looking to reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco cigarettes. Simply put, if you do not smoke, there is no reason to vape.

The UK has one of the most vape friendly policies in the world which has no doubt led to smoking rates declining. Public Health England has stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, yet only half of smokers believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking. The sensationalism in today’s media is a leading cause for this misinformation, with headlines such as ‘Vaping Kills’, it is no surprise that many smokers are misinformed.

Are we going to see this in the UK?

E-cigarettes and nicotine containing e-liquids are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) following on from EU-wide regulation that came in to force in May 2017. All the evidence coming out of the USA suggests that marijuana vaping products are to blame for the deaths and injuries and because these products are illegal in the UK it is unlikely to occur here.

In addition, UK health bodies have spoken out following calls from their American counterparts to ban vaping.

Public Health England Tweet Encouraging Vaping Over Tobacco

A report commissioned by Public England earlier this year entitled, ‘Vaping in England: an evidence update February 2019’ recommended that “Combining E-Cigarettes (the most popular source of support used by smokers in the general population), with stop smoking service support (the most effective type of support), should be a recommended option available to all smokers.”

Final Say

Vaping is not 100% safe but it is 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes and should be viewed as a harm reduction instrument. There are 480,000 and 78,000 tobacco related deaths every year in the USA and UK respectively. E-cigarettes have given smokers a lifeline to help them reduce their dependence on tobacco containing products.

In a study by medical professionals from 2015-2018, the One Kit was shown to be twice as effective for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy, when both were accompanied by behavioural support. Vaping is by far the most effective way for smokers to reduce their tobacco consumption.

Using a e-cigarette is twice as effective when giving up smoking than NRT.

In conclusion, e-cigarettes are helping to improve the lives of smokers in many ways and as such their use should be encouraged as a means to reduce tobacco dependency. The findings from countless medical studies and opinions of the vast majority of medical professionals support this view. 

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