IVG Mixer Range - Short Fills and Salts

IVG Mixer Range - Short Fills and Salts

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Welcome everyone to a new e-liquid range from one of the most influential E-Liquid manufacturers in the UK right now, IVG has increased in popularity over the last couple of years winning multiple awards for the top quality e-liquids they produce. Let’s break down the flavours and see if we can pick a favourite!

What flavours are in the IVG Mixer Range?

You will be pleased to know that IVG has been hard at work creating two brand new ranges of Lemonade based flavours that are truly delicious! The IVG Mixer short fill range is made up of 5 flavours that suit my flavour preference perfectly. All of the new range has a lemonade base flavour with something special added to make the liquids irresistible.

IVG has also released the same five impressive flavours in a nicotine salt range that is ideal for use in all pod kits and mouth to lung (MTL) vape tanks. This is great news for everyone that uses pod kits as these vape juices really capture the flavours perfectly and I can see them doing really well! Don’t believe me yet? Then I would suggest trying the flavours out and then see how you feel, I am sure you will agree with me afterwards.

The Flavours:

Riberry Lemonade: Riberry Lemonade has a sweet blackcurrant and lemonade combination that has a slightly cooling menthol hit on the initial inhale. The fruitiness of this e-liquid is something serious. You get a fruity aftertaste which is extremely pleasant and I can not get enough of this e-liquid! If I were to rate this e-liquid out of 10, I think I would have to give it full marks! 10/10 for me! Great flavour, great vapour production and since trying this I haven’t vaped anything else in my own vape kit!

Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade is a flavour that quite a few companies have now released but IVG have nailed it! The balance between the sweetness of the pink lemonade and bitterness of the citrus lemon entwine exactly as they should. It has a strong citrus flavour running through both the inhale and also on the exhale too! This in my opinion will rival Pink Lemonade from Element which has probably had the number one spot for a long time, but times change and this is a truly special vape juice that IVG have created!

Fresh Lemonade: Do you want a lemonade vape juice that has a fresh taste? Of course you do! Then Fresh Lemonade could be the one for you. This e-liquid has everything, sweetness is exactly as I expected, perfect! The citrus flavours dance with your tastebuds and leave you feeling refreshed! If I was to compare this to another Lemonade E-Liquid, the closest one to it would be Fantasi Lemonade. 

Citrus Lemonade: Citrus Lemonade is a celebration of all citrus flavours! It is a vibrant and tangy fusion of sour grapefruits that have been infused with the zest of fresh lemon and sun ripened oranges. If you love a fruity vape, then I feel like if you didn’t try this, you would be missing out! Citrus Lemonade is an irresistible all day vape juice that I believe will be a favourite for many!

Honeydew Lemonade: Honeydew Lemonade from the new IVG Mixer range is the coming together of tropical fruits with a citrus lemonade. IVG has taken the natural flavour of sliced honeydew melon and combined it with their soon to be famous lemonade base! There is a slight icy edge to this e-liquid and the exhale leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. 

I really enjoyed trying these flavours and appear to have found myself a new favourite. I have now been using Riberry Lemonade in my own tank for a couple of days and feel I will need to stock up on this! If I am completely honest, I feel this may actually have taken over as my new favourite all day vape!

As the IVG Mixer range is available in both Short Fill and Nicotine Salt E-Liquids you might like to find out about the difference in the different nicotine types available and our handy Nicotine Shots and Nicotine Types Guide will help you out if you happen to get stuck. 

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If you need any further information regarding any of the vape juices from IVG, you can contact our Customer Services Team via email at support@ukecigstore.com or give them a call on 02023 475 4885. 

That is all from me for today and I hope to catch you next time. Bye for now!

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