Last Minute Christmas: Get Your Vaping Gifts

Last Minute Christmas: Get Your Vaping Gifts

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Christmas is fast approaching, we're all guilty of that last-minute Christmas shopping rush but this is your last chance to get some great presents and show your family and friends how much you really care.

To ensure you are getting your products on time for Christmas day, this week is the last week to get those orders in!

We've got some amazing deals, that won't break your bank while giving you some fantastic products at great prices.

12 days of Christmas is has begun at UK ECIG STORE, we have been doing offers from the 13th of December and they’ll continue all the way up until the 24th of December, each offer is 24hrs each so don't miss the final few Christmas bargains. Keep updated and act quickly!

We have a number  of amazing deals, to give you awesome discounts on some of the best vaping products on the market, so before Christmas is here and it's too late, check out these once in a year offers, from e-liquids to disposables we have got you covered:

E-Liquid Deals

Pod Kit Deals

Disposable Deals

Sub-ohm Deals

Christmas Bundles

Last Minute Christmas: Get Your Vaping Gifts 2


E-Liquid Christmas Gifts

E-liquids are a must for vapers of all types, and Christmas and the new year is the best time to stock up on some new e-juice flavours.

For a vaper, e-liquids are one of the best gifts you can get, that you know you’re going to use.  These great deals give you the option to buy new products for your friends and family and introduce them to something new.

We are going to have some awesome deals from popular brands like Cotton & Cable and LDN LIQ 100ml, plus bundles from Penang and more.

E-juice can last from 1 to two years so stock up and enjoy all year long.

Pod Style Vape Kits

Pod style kits are the perfect devices to gift your family member you always see popping out for a smoke during the Holiday season. Now is your chance to encourange them to stop smoking this year.

Pod Kits are usually super easy to use, and even easier to maintain. Pods are essentially tanks with simplicity, they can be attached to the device, and some even have integrated coils.

We have some awesome pod kit deals available this Christmas including offers on the Voopoo Doric 20, this newly released kit is available at a great price, it is super simple to use, so makes the perfect gift for someone who is looking to quit smoking.

Carrying on with the Voopoo theme, for the more experienced vaper we are offering the new Voopoo Drag X Pro kit at an amazing price. The Drag X Pro is a great gift for the more advanced vaper, giving you more power and the latest technology while still maintaining the pod kit style.

We also have discounts on the Innokin Sceptre Pod Kit, the Smok NexMesh kit, and the Innokin Go S, these are all open pod kits allowing you to fill with your favourite nic salts or 50:50 e-liquids.

Disposable Deals

Last Minute Christmas: Get Your Vaping Gifts vyko

If your new year's resolution is to quit smoking Disposables are a great way to help you start vaping and stop smoking for good.

Disposables have been massive this year and are ideal for people that want to switch to vaping, they are super easy to use as they come pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid, creating a completely mess-free experience.

We're offering awesome deals on disposable kits from some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Everyone knows what flavour they like, but if you find it hard to choose what brand to pick, our Disposable Flavour Packs range is the best option, and we are offering some awesome discounts on them.

Sub-ohm Deals

Don't worry sub-ohm lovers, we have not forgotten about you! We have a great deal on the Smok Morph S Pod 80, an awesome new sub-ohm kit from renowned brand Smok, that won't break the bank but still packs in great features.

We also have an amazing offer on the Aegis Legend 2, if you’re looking for the ultimate vape kit for that special someone.

Christmas Bundles

Bundles are a great way to get everything you need to vape in one purchase, and they make the perfect Christmas gift for vapers or those that want to make that switch.  We are known for showing up with outstanding bundles featuring some of the latest, and most adored products for a steal of a price, some of my favourites have to be the Nord 50W Bundle - it gives you the latest version from the Smok Nord collection and is one of the most popular kits of all time.

If you’re wanting to stock up, or fill someones stocking with festive flavours check out the Dessert Juice Pack that features my all-time favourite Christmas desserts flavours in one place.

We have a number of Christmas Mystery Vape Bundles for vapers from all walks of life, MTL (mouth to lung) lovers, disposable lovers, sub-ohm lovers, rebuildable lovers and more. Plus the mystery boxes will be a surprise even for you on the big day.

Many of our bundles include replacement coils, batteries, battery chargers, e-liquids and everything else you need to upgrade your vaping experience.

Your last chance to buy to guarantee you get your items in time for Christmas is the 22nd so get it together and make sure you order in time - no one wants to be opening presents on boxing day!

So Happy Shopping, and don't wait until the last minute.

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