LDN LIQ - CBD SLT Tank - Is this the next step In MTL technology?

LDN LIQ - CBD SLT Tank - Is this the next step In MTL technology?

Welcome everyone to another blog and this time, we’re talking vape tanks! With that awesome intro out of the way, it’s time to get serious with this, the Aspire Nautilus which launched sometime in the last 4–5 years. Since then it has honestly dominated everything! I remember when I first started working in the store, the hype at the time was all about the Nautilus and I can honestly see why. Remember, this was back when mechanical mods ruled and if you wanted serious flavour and vapour production, you went for an RDA. Now though, there seems to be a new tank out and it goes by the name of LDN LIQ — CBD SLT Tank, a bottom filling 2ml mouth to lung tank.

We all know how vaping freebase nicotine (found in every premixed e-liquid) can be very different than vaping nic salts, especially when it comes to coils and temperatures. LDN LIQ is a London based company whose work is very well known here at UK ECIG STORE since we stock their vape juices and have done so for a long while now. They have decided to show the tank game what’s up, by introducing their own.

The LDN people are really quite clever. The latest trend to hit the vaping world has been CBD E-Liquids, basically, regular juices with Cannabidiol mixed in. CBD can be beneficial to vapers, some say that it helps with back pain, sleep disorders, muscle pain and overall better health. With that being said, LDN LIQ have told me personally that they have been working on a new tank a while ago and it was meant to be, not only a Nautilus killer but a tank optimised for CBD and Nic Salt e-liquids. I thought nothing of it until today, when my very own tank arrived for review. All and all, this sounds really impressive but the proof is in the pudding, so it’s time to put this tank to the test and since the tank is optimised for salt nic and CBD, let’s try a little something different.

There is a short fill e-liquid on my desk which I prepared earlier, with the help of my good friend David. We mixed a 50ml short fill, 2ml of 250mg CBD additive and finally a salt nic, being careful to dump out at least 2ml of my short fill beforehand, leaving me with a 3mg, 250mg CBD bottle of Malaysian man’s Black Raspberry which will be used as a torture test for the tank. We will get back to that another time, but for now, I’ll be using a few popular Salt juices such as Nasty Juice salt edition range in order to test this properly.

Let’s take a look around the tank and get a good idea of what all the fuss is about. It’s a full metal tank, with the exception of the 2ml glass tank and it’s all coated in a black anodizing type paint, with green infill for the engraving, matching the green seals. The important thing to note is that yes, it’s a bottom fill tank. This does mean you will have to remove your tank from the mod in order to fill it. The airflow is cool too but again, it is a MTL tank so if you’re thinking of putting your iron lungs to the test, this is not the tank for that since the holes are tiny…

It looks good, it feels fantastic but how does it vape? Let’s see! The coils inside this tank are no ordinary coils, either. They are actually specially designed coils where everything is different. They aren’t your normal, run of the mill coils either, the CBD SLT Tank Coils have been built in order to get the most optimal surface area, to ensure your e-liquid is vaporised in the most efficient way and are made from Nichrome which happens to be my favourite coil material, so firing will be pretty much instant. Take the cotton for instance too, I’ve been told that it has been tested for months, where absorption, leakage and most importantly, flavour were scrutinised to ensure that you can get the best experience possible.

With a tank loaded to the brim with 2ml of Nasty Salt e-liquid, Cush Man, it’s time to vape. I’m using this on my Vandy Vape Pulse 80W mod at around 15W since I found that for my personal use, it’s the best power. The vapor is cool, not too warm and not too cold but just about right. Keep in mind I’m not using this in temperature mode although the coils do support it. It’s a really satisfying vape, although I hardly ever use MTL devices, only when I get yelled at in the office for “vaping everyone out” so it’s nice to have something which performs. It’s a great tank but it’s time to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind, is it better than a Nautilus?

Flavour wise the SLT Tank can trade punches with the Nautilus all day long and that is not an understatement. It’s a hell of a tank but for me, it’s the airflow itself. The airflow is different, I mean I have not had airflow this tight since I first started vaping and can I just say that it’s brilliant. With the airflow being so tight, it actually amplifies the flavour by a lot. I believe that if anyone picked one of these up, they will be totally satisfied with its performance, flavour and overall looks. Then again, this is the first impression and as I mentioned before, I will be torture testing this with a full 60ml of our specially formulated death juice, over the coming weeks and I definitely expect things to change. Only time will tell?

Don’t go too far, you won’t want to miss the ending!

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