OK Nic Salt, OK Sub Ohm And Tatts - Let’s Shed A Little Light

OK Nic Salt, OK Sub Ohm And Tatts - Let’s Shed A Little Light

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a minute and I hope you missed our time together as much as I have but as always, we are here to discuss some interesting e-liquid manufacturers and today, we’re looking at Halco E-Liquids, perhaps the most interesting of them all! So, who the hell is Halco, why should you care and what do they have to offer? I’m glad you asked because these guys have some pretty interesting stuff but before we get into that, let’s start with who.

Based in the UK, Halco caught me by surprise. Their origin story begins in the automotive industry! They began by making accessories for cars under the RAC brand we all know and love. When I started researching them, I was expecting a big boast as “industry leaders in e-liquid production” or something along those lines but no. I also thought the name Halco and RAC sounded familiar and that’s because I own a RAC flashlight! I have had it for years and have used it daily from fishing to looking for stuff under my bed or in the garage and I love it to bits. But these guys didn’t stop at flashlights, they supply us with everything from phone chargers, Chamois Leathers and even headphones! That being said, my flashlight never let me down and if their juices are as good as their other products are, we’re in good hands!

So Halco actually has three companies under their belt and this is where these juices come from. They operate a company called OK Nic Salt E-Liquids, OK Sub Ohm E-Liquids and another called Tatts E-Liquids. As it happens, they cater to everyone which is why we will be discussing all three of these today. With that being said, it’s time to jump into these juices and see just how OK they are. Of course, I need a device to vape on and a dripper for optimal flavour-goodness and this week it just happens to be my trusty Vandy Vape Pulse 80W squonk mod and sitting pretty on top is none other than the Lit RDA, also by Vandy Vape, which I will be using for the Tatts and Sub ohm ranges.A trusty combination that has not let me down yet, however, this week I require the assistance of another device. As we all know, Sub ohming a nic salt juice could spell trouble. Thus, my use of a standard but still fantastic One Kit for the rest. As always, I’ll be picking a few from each as not to bore you too much. Let’s do this.

Starting with the Tatts 60ml short fills which feature a 10ml gap for a nic shot but as I want to capture the best flavour possible, I’m vaping these as 0mg. Orient is up first and the flavour description for this is a sweet, refreshing blend of lemongrass, lime, strawberry & vanilla lemonade. That’s a mouthful, let’s see how it does though. First off the smell is great and the first vape does not disappoint, throwing that sweet lemongrass and lemonade in your face like nobody’s business. I must say the strawberry and vanilla combination was a bit of an oddball, in response to the lemongrass, lime and lemonade but it actually compliments those flavours really well. The lime is slightly muted but you do get a complex flavour profile which almost breaks apart as you vape it, splitting into the different elements for the duration of the vape. The Lemongrass and lime come through heavily due to that citrus punch along with the lemonade but the vanilla and strawberry aren’t left behind, pulling through here and there as well as being the last thing you taste on the exhale. All and all a brilliant juice and hats off to Tatts for trying such a complicated profile. It worked out nicely.

Traditional is looking at me funny which makes it the prime candidate for the next test, a sweet watermelon with refreshing mint and a hint of bubblegum and this definitely has my name written all over it! I’m a sucker for a good watermelon flavour! That being said, the smell coming from the bottle is just about what you would expect, a strong, almost candy-like watermelon with the bubblegum coming in second and the mint lightly tickling the nose. The first vape is like love at first sight, with the watermelon becoming even sweeter due to the bubblegum and the mint, oh my god. It’s the perfect combination of mint I’ve tasted in a good while, not too much and definitely not too little but just right. All these attributes combined have put a smile on my face since I find that through the course of this review I keep going back for more, even though I have more flavours to test! Hands down my favourite so far.

Now then, let’s move to the One Kit and pour a little nic salt. I tend to shy away from nic salts because I enjoy the kick from a freebase juice. Saying that, let’s test these out. Menthol is here and I guess it does what it says on the tin, just a straight menthol. It’s been a while since I vaped a straight menthol juice so I’m excited. Fresh coil and a tank full of juice, the first vape is honestly a little too much for me. The menthol is a little too strong at first but it gets weaker as you vape it. Flavour wise, well there isn’t any… as a straight menthol it’s great as long as you can handle it and if Halco is reading, an “ extreme cold” warning sign slapped on the bottle wouldn’t hurt! All jokes aside, it is a great menthol and I know a few people I would recommend this to, hopefully, that will get them off my back for a little bit as I am constantly asked for recommendations.

Now then, I’m going to test one last juice and it’s from the sub ohm range! Time to get the dripper out and with stupidly low resistance coil on there and see just how sub these juices are. Cherry Sherbet is up next and I have to say I’m intrigued. The smell from the bottle is really something special with the cherry being the first thing to hit you. The first vape is the same story, with the Cherry being the main act of the show, followed by that sweet Sherbet taste. I’m having trouble describing this if I’m honest, it’s just a sherbet sweet in a bottle BUT, it’s one of the better Sherbet juices I’ve tried in a long, long time.

And that’s where I’m going to leave it for this week people, I hope you have enjoyed this weeks addition of me rambling on and as always I leave you with the best advice I can possibly give. Stay awesome, kick ass and keep vaping, son!

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