Just in time for Summer - Penang reveal their new mixed e-liquid range

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Penang reveal their new mixed e-liquid range

Welcome vapers, we have another brand new and flavourful range that is sure to leave you wanting more. We present to you, the Penang E-Liquid Range consisting of 4 new luscious flavours. Read on to find out more about this exciting new range. 

Accompanying us into the summer season, we have the Exotic PMG. One vape, and I was taken away to that exotic island. The aroma alone was enough to hook and pull me in this great paradise of blended fruits. This E-Liquid brings a true mango flavour with a dash of sharp pineapple and an icy finish blended to perfection, making it a firm summer favourite.

Next up, take a refreshing and original drink and turn it into a one of a kind e-liquid; delicious right?  We are talking about Berry and Grape Lemonade, which is a fruit blend combining sweet and sour tastes, for a summery vibe. From your first inhale you’ll detect a ripe tasting berry flavour with a delicate sweet grape note, fused with a zingy lemon with a citrus exhale of lemonade. This is definitely going to be a hit!

If the next is anything like the first two, then this is definitely one of the most exciting ranges we have come across in a while. Penang - Vanilla With Crushed Berries makes up the third flavour in this mixed range. You have probably tried some vanilla flavours already but this is different. You have the creamy smoothness of vanilla, only to be met with a sudden burst of frozen berry goodness! With the slightest touch of menthol on top of ripe berries, this is sure to be a favourite for berry, menthol and dessert lovers alike! 

There is one final flavour to top off this already flavour packed range from Penang: the Tropical Mango with pineapple shot. Who does not like Mango flavours? Well this e-liquid comes ripe with authentic Mango fruits, and the welcome adding of succulent Pineapples, in order to give you the Tropical perception one needs, during the lovely Summer time. I am 99% sure mango and pineapple lovers will be adding this to their list of favourites! 

That's the Penang range! Feel free to try them out, as they do come with free nicotine shots included! If you would like to read more staff reviews on e-liquids or blogs related to devices, such as G-Priv 3 vs Innokin Proton, Fetch Mini vs Fetch Pro, you can head over to our blogs section or visit our News Page. Is a really good way to see detailed reviews of revered products, but most importantly, check any news related to vaping and our vape shop - UK ECIG STORE

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