Pina Colada & Strawberry Macaroon: What Do They Really Taste Like?

Pina Colada & Strawberry Macaroon: What Do They Really Taste Like?

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Jen and today I wanted to take on another spin of a typical vape shop blog. That is, to tell you my own personal experience with some of the fine liquids sold by your favourite, UK ECIG STORE!

If you’re like me, especially when I started vaping, you will probably be a little overwhelmed with e-liquid flavours and choices out there. Sure, we all go by the manufacturer’s flavour descriptions to give us an idea of what we will get. However, based on what I’ve experienced, it’s been a mixed bag where sometimes expectations do not really match with reality.

And that’s the gap I am hoping to fill for you all! I intend to give you an up close and personal experience with select e-liquids, to hopefully guide you in your vaping choices.

First off, a little about me: I used to smoke for over 2 decades with multiple failed quit attempts until vaping came along. I have been smoke-free for a few years now, and I write hardware and juice reviews on a few online platforms. My smoking to vaping journey has been interesting, to say the least- but that is a topic for another day!

So, let’s get on the reason why you clicked on this article: what do these juices really taste like?

I am going to get the ball rolling with these two e-liquids from UK ECIG STORE, which are quite special to me!

Dolce Desserts - Strawberry Macaroon

It comes as a 50 ml shortfill that can be topped up with a nicotine shot to your liking. It is a 70/30 VG/PG mix, as most dessert vapes tend to be. 

No word of a lie, this is by far, the best strawberry macaroon rendition I have ever vaped. There is a very popular brand’s version that is considered to be “the real deal” by a lot of vapers, but for me, the version from Dolce Desserts beats this popular one by a mile! 

On the inhale, I get the rich creaminess of the vape, shortly followed by an almond note. The vape is then finished off with strawberries that do not taste as sickly sweet as some other liquids tend to be. 

It honestly tastes like the real thing, but a strawberry macaroon you will get from an artisan or specialty desserts shop (and not from a supermarket!). The creaminess lends body and depth into the vape, and is not overwhelming, unlike some other dessert e-liquids which taste good but are not something you can vape all day. This e-liquid is definitely highly recommended, especially if you have a sweet tooth for desserts!

Cocktail Man - Pina Colada

Again, one of my personal favourites right here! I have tried many, many pina colada e-liquids and oddly enough, every one of them tastes differently. Some have way too much coolant for my liking, some have the flavour proportions in a strange ratio, and some are what I would call as “fairly decent” but not exactly mind-blowing. Not this one though from Cocktail Man!

This e-liquid is straight up Pina Colada that you can vape. The predominant flavour is pineapple, as expected, but it is complemented perfectly by the coconut, adding some umami into the vape! There is just a hint of rum, which is brilliant in my opinion because too much rum can make the e-liquid taste funny or off. 

You know what this flavour reminds me of? It tastes exactly like the Pina Colada I had at a beach side hotel in Asia. I saw them make the cocktail in front of me, and so I knew that they used fresh ingredients in making my drink. To vape this e-liquid which then transported me into that glorious memory where I was on a tropical beach and sipping a freshly made, ice cold Pina Colada – I was just so made up! I think UK ECIG STORE deserves a massive commendation here in terms of attention to detail in creating this flavour, and staying true to what Pina Colada should taste like.

I should add that the e-liquid doesn’t have a great deal of cooling. It has just enough to remind you that it’s a cocktail drink. This is another major pro for me as I do find that too much cooling drowns out the other flavours, and ruins the vape. However, if you really like your e-liquids to be iced, then all you’ll need to do is add an iced nicotine shot to the 50ml shortfill!

I hope that sharing my experiences with you on these two e-liquid flavours will help you decide on which e-liquids to get, or indeed, which e-liquid profiles will be suitable to your taste. Remember that each person may experience the same e-liquid differently, and so it is important that you take note of what taste you will like in a liquid to ensure that you will be investing in the right liquid for you.

Thank you for reading! 

This has been Jen, signing off for now and until the next time!


Jen Turista
Reviewer of vape hardware and e-liquids.

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