Pro-Vape, the understated juices from the Baltics

Pro-Vape, the understated juices from the Baltics

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back to another one of Yianno’s juice reviews! It’s been a minute and I know you missed our special moments together, so have I but don’t worry! We’re back with another one and this week, the company under the scope is Pro-vape, coming to us all the way from Latvia! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Right off the bat, I’m super excited to talk about pro vape, since I have all of their juices sitting in front of me and I have to say, they are funny as hell! What they have done is taken movie stars, singers and politicians and split them up into categories, Heroes and Icons and I think you can guess who goes where but that stuff comes in after, for now though, Pro vape as a company is still quite young but from what I know, they are passionate about what they do. Of course, it’s going to sound the same when I say that they pride themselves in their work and their results…hear me out here, they have a lab which is composed of very, very expensive equipment, they spend a lot of money on R&D and I can’t tell you where I get my info from but my sources are extremely informative and precise so I’ll take their word for it. Other than that, I can tell you that they have risen through the ranks quickly and are now one if not the biggest manufacturer of e-liquids in the region, that’s impressive. Today, however, Pro vape is still located in the small town of Riga, Latvia and it seems as though they took a gamble with their location and won, since small towns like these can be very old-school and not very engaging when it comes to something new. Regardless of that, Pro vape lives and thrives in the Baltics and have managed to amass a top notch, well-coordinated team of technicians and mixologists to bring us the juices we’re trying today. On top of that, they have done something which to me is extremely interesting, which creates an umbrella corporation of sorts, let me explain further.

You see, Pro Vape have been smart with their business plan and my understanding of the situation is that they have invested heavily and created a state of the art packaging line. This gives them an advantage over everyone else since they can offer spaces in their packaging line for other companies to use! So not only is their factory bottling their juices but everyone else's as well. This allows them to get the most out of their logistics and cutting costs as well as creating a little functioning ecosystem of vapers working together, just like busy little bees and it’s brilliant! I can honestly say that I’m writing this with a smile on my face, wondering why no one has thought of this before; and I can kind of see the answer already. It’s because everyone wants to go away and do their own thing but imagine the cost cutting of e-liquid transport, shipping and packaging in the uk, it would allow independent e-liquid makers to be able to do what they want comfortably whilst saving money. I think we here in the UK could learn a thing or two from the Latvians! The cherry on top of this amazing hypothetical cake, is the fact that every e-liquid juice is bottled with vapers in mind, by vapers, from vapers.

Now that’s out of the way, time to dive into some juices! I mentioned at the beginning how they split their ranges up into icons and heroes and they feature names such as Chuck Vaperris which I am not making fun of just to be clear. We all know that when the boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks the closet for Chuck and that’s a fact! They also have some juices called Michael Vapes on named after the late Michael Jackson and Elvis Vapely which, you get the point. What I’m saying is I’m already enjoying these and I have not even vaped one! Great stuff, now let’s actually taste them.

So I don't bore you with too much blabber, I’m vaping a couple of today and instead of choosing the hardest juices to get right, I’m just going to roll the dice and pick the funniest of the lot! Just to be clear, they do have a juice based on Donald Trump, it’s in the other room but there’s a wall between me and it, oh well… As always, we’re testing these flavours on a brand new RDA which just happens to be a Loop by Geekvape and it’s sitting pretty on a Wotofo flux mod pushing out 80w on the powerful plus mode.

Jimmy Vapetrix is up next and its strings are meant to play a sweet tune of apples and pears with an ice cold menthol, just to keep you on your toes. This juice is certainly a worthy bearer of the Hendrix image, wild and calm at the same time and I can see why ProVape compares this to a classic fruit salad. The mix of apples and pears is surely a winning combination but I must say, in between those flavours it’s the menthol that ties them together. I can’t imagine this juice without it but nonetheless, the flavours mix very well and dance around on the palate as well as one of this rock god’s face-melting solos. It’s safe to say that I like this juice, can you tell?

Let’s move on to the Heroes range and with this, I’m going with one of my favourite people in movie history, the Fist of Vape which is obviously based on none other than Steven Seagal himself! Punching through your tastebuds, this juice is said to taste of red grapes and sweet forest blueberries and again, a menthol kick in the face! On the inhale I can get plenty of that forest blueberry which if I'm honest is a pure flavour but it kind of reminds me of a blueberry muffin, which I love, by the way, the red grape is a little elusive but does come in on both the inhale and exhale in slight variations, however. All and all again, the menthol makes it for me which I suspect is the culprit of the red grape disappearances but I am digging it nonetheless.

And with that my fellow vapers I must leave you. I know our time together is always amazing but that’s it for today. In the meantime, you can find all of ProVapes juices on our site and I look forward to seeing you again. As always, keep vaping, stay safe and I’ll see you soon!

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