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Reasons to switch to Vaping in 2021
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Reasons to switch to Vaping in 2021

Make 2021 the year you give up smoking!

At the UK ECIG STORE, we understand that making the decision to quit is easy. Accomplishing this goal, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky.

We get it, when the cravings kick in, or the desire for a smoke break during a stressful workday hits you, or you simply miss the sociable element of smoking with your buddies, it becomes more appealing for you to just throw in the towel. 

But when you replace your cigarette with a vape kit, you still get to satisfy your cravings, you still get to take your mini work breaks, you still get to hang with those friends who smoke, without getting tempted back into picking up the unhealthy habit again.

Benefits of quitting smoking

For health reasons, quitting smoking lowers the risk of getting diseases such as cancer and diabetes which leads to a premature death. 

Quitting for health reasons is obviously smart, however, it is understandable that many of the non health related benefits are usually the very reasons why people get excited about kicking the habit once and for all. 

Ex British smokers love the fact that they no longer have to leave a cosy indoor environment to go outside into the chilly air for a cigarette. 

Other ex-smokers say that when they finally quit, they noticed they had more money, had more energy, their food tasted better than it did before, their clothes and hair no longer carried that smokey smell, and their teeth and fingernails no longer had those unsightly yellow stains. 

How Vaping can function as a replacement for smoking?

The style, functionality and experience of vape products centres around an optimised design which mirrors the touch, taste and feelings associated with smoking. This, therefore, eases new vapers into the transitional process in an enjoyable way.  

To get started with the Switching to Vaping in 2021

To help you find and purchase the best products available, please browse our vape kits page.

We also provide the following guides to make things easier for you:

What is Vaping?

How to choose first vape kit?

Health Organisations who support switching to vaping in 2021

The NHS, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Public Health England all agree that vaping is not completely harm-free, however, it is significantly less harmful and is an effective method of quitting smoking.

Public Health England (PHE) has a visual demonstration to illustrate the impact of smoking vs vaping over a monthSmokefree ‘Health Harms’ – Impact of smoking vs vaping demonstration.

One a side note, PHE have reported a favourable decline in the adult-smoking rate in England since 2017. They are committed to continuing their effort alongside the NHS to achieve a smoke-free society with an adult prevalence of 5% or less by 2030.   

While health professionals recognise that vaping functions as a physiological replacement to smoking, they also recommend using Nicotine Replacement therapy (NRT) to address behavioural links to smoking such as anxiety and depression.

The NHS currently offers stop smoking services such one-to-one and group sessions. Find out what NHS stop smoking services are available in your local area. 

Covid 19 advice for Vapers 

Currently it is unclear what effect vaping has on increasing the likelihood of contracting Covid 19. 

We do know that smoking makes you more susceptible to respiratory infections and this puts you more at risk of getting the virus.  

As mentioned earlier, Health professionals agree that vaping is an effective aid to stopping smoking and can therefore be used as a means to help you quit. This is particularly beneficial at this time. 

Furthermore, if you are vaping, you are taking part in an alternative activity to smoking which is less harmful, and thus, likely to put you less at risk.

As vaping involves repetitive hand-to-face movements, it is recommended that you wash your hands regularly and make sure that your equipment is clean.      

The GOV.UK website outlines the current COVID-19 advice for smokers and vapers.

Government Advice contains general and lifestyle information about vaping for product information and entertainment purposes only. The information we provide is not medical advice. If you have a medical concern, we advise you to consult with a medical professional directly. We do not make any warranties surrounding health benefits, completeness or accuracy of our written copy across our website including blogs or marketing materials on our social media. Any action you take upon the information provided by us is at your own risk, we will not be liable for any losses/damage in connection with our website.

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