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Roundup of February's Best New Products
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Roundup of February's Best New Products

March is here and spring is in sight, which would potentially provide an abundance of new vape products. But before we look forward to all the new e-cigarette products potentially coming out this year, it's crucial to have a look back at all of the awesome high quality vaping products that were released in February and are currently on the market.

So we have selected our favourite vape products that were new in the month of February:

Whether you're a vaping enthusiast and love all of the new gadgets the vaping industry has to offer, or a new starter, fresh to the vaping industry, we have great news for you!

Here is our round-up of February's Best New Products and the details.

Voopoo Drag 3 Vape Kit

Roundup of February's Best New Products - Voopoo Drag 3

First on the list is the Voopoo Drag 3 Kit is the newest edition of the premium Voopoo Drag Series, following on from the Drag X Plus Kit, Drag Max Kit, Drag S Kit and Drag 2.

Similarly, the Drag 3 Kit features a range of state of the art features such as:

  • An Innovative Gene Fan 2.0 Chip
  • Smart mode, which automatically detects the correct wattage, based on the coils used.
  • High Burst Super mode temperature control
  • RBA mode

Voopoo is known for their high tech innovative products and designs and this is definitely displayed within the Drag 3. They continue to improve their technical game and keep their products looking stylish and compact, so Voopoo is most certainly a vape brand to keep on your radar.

We recommend this device for the more advanced vape user, as it perfect for sub-ohm Direct to Lung (DTL) vape coils and if used in the right hands can produce incredible power, going up to a wattage range of 177W. Although the device has the capacity to reach resistance ranges of up to 3.0ohm, we recommend this product for sub ohm vaping. So you will want to use a low nicotine E-liquid with this one.

Dovpo Odin Mini Mod

Roundup of February's Best New Products - Dovpo Odin Mini

Great things come in small packages. Next on the list is the brand new Odin Mini Mod created from a collaboration of Dovpo & Vaperz Cloud. This device is extremely streamlined and compact however still packs a good punch by reaching a wattage range of up to 100W power output, which is pretty impressive for its small size.

As far as mods go this product is a great addition to the Dovpo collection and you can quite honestly expect to have an awesome vaping experience with this product. We say this because this mod, unlike many mini vape mods, offers a wide variety of selection functions including display functions, menu screens and other button functions:

  • Wattage Range: 5W - 100W
  • Voltage Range: 3.2V - 4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V - 9.0V
  • Resistance Range: 0.06ohm - 3.5ohm (dependant on the coil)

All displayed on an awesome 0.96" bright colour display screen. If you like your vaping experience to be fully tailored to you and customisable, you will love this mod.

Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod Kit

Roundup of February's Best New Products - Wenax C1 Pod Kit

The Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod Kit is the newest release from Geekvape. Geekvape is known for their reliable high quality vape products and the Wenax C1 Pod Vape is no exception.

This product is designed for former smokers, that still want a nicotine hit, and that mouth to lung throat sensation, but want to start dissociating from cigarettes, and quit smoking forever. The pod mouthpiece shape allows this as it feels slightly different to inhale than some of the other pen style vape shapes that were created to replicate the smoking experience as closely as possible.

We love the Wenax C1 Pod Kit, because is a simple and sleek compact vape that's easy to use, so, if you are new to vaping, and like to choose and experiment with your e-liquid flavour, this might be your new favourite pod kit.

This vape also gives you the option to choose which coils you want, so you can decide how intense you want your flavour as it has an option of 3 coils available:

  • 1.2 ohm
  • 0.6ohm (sub ohm)
  • 0.8ohm (sub ohm)

Unlike many pod kits, you can easily push in and pull out the coil out of the pod and replace it with whichever G coil resistance you want. The pod uses a completely different refill point, to where you'd install your coils. To refill with your e-liquid, unplug the rubber stopper and refill from a side port, mess free.

Uwell Crown 5 Tank

Roundup of February's Best New Products - Uwell Crown 5 Tank

If you're a vaping enthusiast that loves all the new advanced vape products you would have been sure to hear about Uwell. Uwell is known in the vaping world as a popular high quality brand that produces great products. Recently, they have released a number of Crown series vape tanks, however, the Crown 5 is the latest and is proving to be increasingly popular.

The Uwell Crown 5 Tank is a robust vaping tank for advanced sub ohm vapers and is known for producing an intense e-liquid flavour, and large, thick white clouds of vapour. This product is best used with minimum nicotine e-liquid, but choose whichever flavour you like and you'll get a great taste.

The Uwell Crown 5 is a premium, mesh sub ohm tank that avid sub ohm vape users adore. The tank comes with 2 mesh coils:

  • Uwell 0.23ohm UN2 Mesh Coil which is preinstalled
  • Uwell 0.3ohm UN2-2 Mesh Coil

This tank is truly the tank that keeps on giving, and also features revolutionary self-cleaning technology, and an innovative top refill design, due to its quarter-turn cap mechanism.

The Uwell Crown 5 is compatible with the majority of vape mods, so there's no need to cash out on any other new products, if you have a mod you love. You can install it to your favourite mod, and you are good to go.

As far as vape tanks go, this device has to be one of the best and really sets the standard for other vape manufacturers and future vape tanks to come. The Crown 5 is certainly one of the best tanks released this year and is most certainly will be a great addition to your vaping collection.

IQOS HEETS Russet Selection

Roundup of February's Best New Products - IQOS HEETS Russet Selection

IQOS HEETS have a number of flavour tobacco selections to choose from but the IQOS HEETS Russet Selection one is the most full-bodied, rich and malty flavoured in all of their collection.

IQOS HEETS are perfect for smoking cessation as the work in the exact same way a cigarette does, except less harmful. So if you are a long term smoker that has just given up smoking for the first time these sticks are a great choice for you. Smoking HEETS is different from vaping and function mainly to help smokers quit. It allows you to get all of the nicotine you crave, with way less mess and more health benefits.

The IQOS HEETS Russet Selection remains the best option available on the market if vaping did not satisfy your needs and you want a sensation that is more similar to smoking. This lovely stick is great for replacing your horrible tobacco burning products, and is around 50% less harmful than smoking - so is a great alternative.

IQOS HEETS sticks works by heating the HEETS stick, which uses real tobacco, with an electronic heating device, instead of burning the ends off - like cigarettes. You also won't get any of the fruit flavoured e-liquid with this device as it doesn't contain any e-liquid. The Russet Selection has a very similar taste and motion to authentic cigarette tobacco products but for those more health conscious adults. 

Keep an eye out for all of our new vape products this month and let us know which e cigarette products you'd like to see on our next March monthly round up.

What were your favourite products released last month? Let us know in the comments below! contains general and lifestyle information about vaping for product information and entertainment purposes only. The information we provide is not medical advice. If you have a medical concern, we advise you to consult with a medical professional directly. We do not make any warranties surrounding health benefits, completeness or accuracy of our written copy across our website including blogs or marketing materials on our social media. Any action you take upon the information provided by us is at your own risk, we will not be liable for any losses/damage in connection with our website.

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