Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Spring is officially here! and we are looking up to a brighter rest of the year, say goodbye to cold nights, and short drizzly days, and say hello to sunshine, socializing and some amazing new vape products. Spring symbolises a new beginning and a fresh start, but before we can look to the future, it is only right we show some appreciation for all of the wonderful new vape products that March has brought us. If you missed any of the highlights last month, here is your monthly roundup of March's best new products we have loved:

  • Innokin Sensis Pod Kit
  • Smok IPX 80 Kit
  • Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250c Vape Mod
  • Smok Mbar Disposable Kit 
  • IVG Beyond 100ml 
  • Innokin Sensis Pod Kit

    Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

    Innokin, of course, is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry, and they regularly release outstanding products that not only sets the bar for other vaping industry brands but they also step up - every time. Innokin are known for their innovative and considerate designs and products, giving fans of the brand exactly what they want, and the Innokin Sensis Pod Kit is no exception.

    The Innokin Sensis has clearly raised the bar and has potentially changed the vaping game forever, it has a number of revolutionary features which prove that vaping truly has no bounds.

    It comes with glass and metal vape pods - unlike the typical plastic vape pods and has a round shape and has a superior connection to the mod, similar to your traditional vape. The pod kit features new modes, which includes refresh, and the famous Find-'F-mode' which has brought about a lot of buzz in the vaping industry.

    It also contains a built-in internal 3000Ah battery and a fully adjustable screen - where you can change your airflow and layout.

    Smok IPX 80 Kit

    Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

    Smok is absolutely another massive name in vaping. They are known for their hugely powerful devices aimed more towards advanced vapers, despite this though they have shown their diversity in recent years by releasing more beginner style starter kits and vaping pod systems that are more appropriately fitted to entry-level vapers. Fortunately, the Smok IPX 80 gives you the option to do both and is a great option for vapers of all levels.

    The Smok IPX 80 is capable of reaching powers up to 80W and is IP67 rated, which means it is capable of withstanding the water depths of up to a metre, and shockproof perfect for risky (or clumsy) vapers, so will survive being dropped in water, or otherwise. 

    What is great about the Smok IPX 80 is it is certainly an step uup from Smok’s other already outstanding products. It has introduced dual adjustable airflow dials and increased battery capacity from the former Smok Nord 2 and Smok Nord 4 pod kit. It also uses the same RPM2 coils as the Smok Scar P3 , Smok Nord x and Smok Nord 4 kits. The Smok IPX 80 offers two coils, designed for both Direct to Lung (DTL) or Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping styles which makes it perfect for all vaping levels and versatile vapers.

    Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250c Vape Mod

    Roundup March 3

    Moving on to the Thelema DNA 250c Vape Mod, which is a magnificent release from Lost Vape. This mod is perfect for anyone looking for that extra bit of luxury, with lavish finishes, including Calf Leather and Carbon Fiber. It has features such as a 510 connection which is suitable for most vape tanks - and a few recent pod systems, a multicolour LED indicator, a full-colour display screen, magnetic battery cover, clear up and down buttons, a select button, and a convenient USB port.

    This Thelema DNA 250c mod also features an Evolv DNA250C Chip, which enables the device to offer you a range of upgrading and customising firmware and use modes like boost and replay.

    It requires two 18650 batteries to power up to 200W and is completely customisable, you have the ability to select power wattage, as well as its temperature, and is interchangeable with a selection of vape tanks.

    Despite all of the technicality, this vape mod is aesthetically beautiful, it comes in a range of colours and textures and appears to be in a typical 'Lost Vape style' with their use of genuine leather and zinc alloy panels.

    Smok Mbar Disposable E Cigarettes

    Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

    Another awesome release last month from the ever-popular brand Smok is the remarkable Smok Mbar Disposable E Cigarette kit. 

    Disposable cigarettes have always been popular with new vapers and ex smokers, due to the fact that they are simple, easy, convenient, mess-free and hassle-free. Disposables also tend to be a fraction of the price of permanent or reusable vapes, and the Smok Mbar does not deviate from this rule. No setup or e-liquid installation is necessary.

    The Smok Mbar is designed for convenience, its small sleek design gives you the ability to bring it wherever you go, as it easily slips into any pocket, bag or wallet. It also has a matte finish, meaning it has a sturdy grip.

    The Smok Mbar e cigarette is long-lasting for a disposable, allowing you to have around 300 puffs in one e cigarette, in comparison to a traditional cigarette which only allows up to 15 puffs. This is all made possible with its 280mAh built in battery.

    Speaking to the ex cigarette smokers, the Mbar is available in 20mg nicotine salt as its max strength. Nicotine salts allow vapers to gain a high nicotine content vape without having a harsh vaping experience, that you might get from other high nicotine products, these salts are available in a variety of delicious flavours:

    • Orange Soda
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Strawberry Kiwi
    • Grape Ice
    • Menthol
    • Mango Ice
    • Strawberry Ice
    • Blueberry Soda

    So if you want something low commitment and high satisfaction the Mbar is definitely one to look into.

    IVG Beyond 100ml 

    Roundup of March's Best New Vape Products

    Last, but certainly not least, IVG has released an array of mouthwatering 100ml Shortfill tropical flavours. 

    IVG is a home grown, UK based brand, known for their fruity flavoured e liquid, and have certainly been a front runner when it comes to liquids since they were established back in 2016.The IVG Beyond 100ml collection shows that experience pays off and surely proves why they are so popular. We particularly adore this new group of juices.

    Each yummy vape liquid has a 70/30 ratio and the bottle leaves just enough space for your favourite nicotine shot.

    There are a variety of flavours including:

    All available at completely affordable prices. Each flavour was considerately selected, and crafted with the most authentic and high quality fruity ingredients. 

    It is fair to say this month has given us some amazing vaping products, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

    Let us know what your favourite products released in March have been in the comments below.

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