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The Best Grape E-Liquids
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Best Grape E-Liquids

The sun has been beating down on the vineyard all summer and the grapes are ripe for picking. The fresh taste of the pressed grapes makes the base of a lot of e-liquids and we have three e-liquids to test out but which will be the best of the bunch? I have my Recurve Dual RDA ready to go (as I feel this is the best way to test flavours) and am excited to try a few flavours that I haven’t ever tried before!

The three E-Liquids that we are going to take a look at today are LDN LIQ’s Grape Soda Pop, Coilade’s Grape Crumble and Green Grape from the Nasty Juice Shisha Range. These are all new flavours to me and appear to be varied with one being a fruity grape beverage flavour, one dessert inspired grape crumble and the final being a simple green grape, fruity e-liquid. Let’s have a little look into these flavours and see how we get on with them.

LDN LIQ has just released their brand new short fill range of e-liquids and from this range comes Grape Soda Pop. It is a refreshing grape vape juice that has an overpowering grape flavour. After vaping this the flavour for a little while the flavour builds up and you can taste the sweet grapes for a few minutes afterwards. The flavour is quite strong and I got notes of an almost dessert flavour too which was very nice indeed. I could see this being quite popular with a lot of fruit flavour vapers and could easily become an all day vape for many.

Grape Crumble by Coilade combines a lovely dessert base to the flavour with layers of grapes spread over the top. I found that the more I used this e-liquid, the nicer it got. It did take me a little while to get used to flavour and I found by changing my wattage by around 10 watts lower (40W instead of 50W) the flavour came through best. This e-liquid is very high in VG and Coilade are known for creating high quality vape juices which are perfect for both rebuildable and sub ohm atomizers.

Nasty Juice has just released their new Shisha Range, with Green Grape being the main grape based flavour within this flavour range! The sweet green grapes are an amazing choice to use to create an e-liquid. They have a subtle flavour which builds over time and this e-liquid has a sweetness which is very distinctive. I haven’t tried a green grape e-liquid before and this was a nice refreshing change from the bulk of grape flavours which usually use red grapes. 

These are amazing flavours and I would be inclined to use grape flavours going forward. I would personally choose one of these flavours to continue using going forward and it would be the Grape Soda Pop from LDN LIQ. I found the flavour to be the nicest and most suited to my taste, however, please do not let this discredit the other two e-liquids as they are also very nice too!

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If you would like to see more of our Grape flavoured e-liquids then we have our brand new Grape E-Liquids page online. If you need any further information about the flavours, all the information can be found on the product pages or alternatively you can contact your Customer Services team via email on or by phone on 0203 475 4885. 

Hope to catch you next time and have a grape day!

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