The brand New LDN LIQ E-Liquid Range is here, but BIGGER!

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Welcome to a “Special Release” of the highly anticipated range of short fill e-liquids released by LDN LIQ!

The UK based brand LDN LIQ are a well known for high quality e-liquids offering some of the best flavours on the market, and are responsible for the many popular  e-liquid collections; from the 50 ml Short fill ranges, to the Salt Nic and Freebase range.

These LDN LIQ e-liquids ranges have all been highly favoured by many customers and are considered the go-to vape juices for many vapers. Camden, Soho and Tropical Fruits are just a few that ended up becoming main favourites all day vapes, but many more have been out there, providing high quality standards and decisive flavours to everyone demanding it!

Now bigger things are on the horizon for the brand, in the form of a brand new 70% VG short fill range and we couldn’t be more excited to share discover the range together with you!

Due to high demand, LDN LIQ has released the 100 ml version of their latest Short fill range, so for those who want an even more convenient way of obtaining their cherished flavours!

We have decided to handpick a few of the new 100 ml flavours for us to review and to go through together. 

LDN LIQ Juicy Fruits
LDN LIQ Juicy Fruit 50ml and 100ml Short Fills

Juicy Fruits combines a variety of fruit combinations which infused red berries, with a citrus twist of lemon and a tangy zest orange. Many of us must have tried fruity flavours in the past, considering all the good options that are out there in the market, but is an understatement saying that LDN LIQ have hit the nail on the head with this e-liquid. The fruit choices in this blend really are unforgettable, as one can get the full flavours from both the  inhale and exhale. The flavours merge together perfectly with just the right balance of rich tasting berries and the citrus notes pushed this e-liquid above and beyond many loyal customers expectations. 

LDN LIQ Clean Mint
LDN LIQ Clean Mint 50ml and 100ml Short Fills

Up next is Clean Mint, most menthol flavours may struggle to perform well in the market, as they fail to provide an authentic menthol flavour. Not many flavours can reach the popularity of Blue Crush from UK ECIG STORE, that can easily be vaped all day without it becoming overpowering or dull over time. You will be pleased to know that clean mint ticks all the boxes for a menthol lover and it is a very simple but effective flavour. LDN LIQ has not over complicated this e-liquid at all and Clean Mint is a simple flavour but it has been executed perfectly. A nice cooling inhale which leaves your palate refreshed and has become many customers' choice over time since its initial 50 ml version release.

LDN LIQ Blueberry Donut
LDN LIQ Blueberry Donut 50ml and 100ml Short Fills

Last but not at all least is a flavour that is a personal favorite of mine, a dessert centered flavour which always leaves you wanting more, the Blueberry Donut. The fresh doughnut flavour keeps your taste bud guessing, the sweet flavour of the blueberry jam runs right through from inhale to exhale. This is definitely an ideal choice for a dessert e-liquid.

These are just a few of the flavours available on the range. If you desire to browse all the flavours available, please see the dedicated LDN LIQ collection page. If instead you want to check all the 50 ml available flavours, head to the 50 ml LDN LIQ collection instead.

Unsure what type of nicotine should you go for with the LDN LIQ E-Liquids? We also have a handy Nicotine Shot or Nicotine Salt Guide which could help you decide which version would be best for you!

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If you need any further information regarding any of our LDN LIQ products, do not hesitate to contact us today and we'll guide you through the best vape kits and tanks to help you choose your first e-cigarette! Don't forget to check out our vape e-liquids to choose the best tasting vape juices to go with your vape kits!

Catch you all soon and I know you will like these e-liquids as much as I did!

Until next time!


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