The brand New LDN LIQ E-Liquid Range is here!
Last Updated: Sep 23, 2019

The brand New LDN LIQ E-Liquid Range is here!

Hey everyone and welcome to a “Special Release” blog for a brand new range of short fill e-liquids that have just been released by LDN LIQ!

LDN LIQ are a well known UK brand that has brought us music through the medium of E-Liquid with their Punk, Grime and Electro vape juices. They also have their original range containing 6 e-liquids from locations around London such as Chelsea, Camden and Brixton

Don’t get me wrong, these LDN LIQ e-liquids were all very nice to use and a couple of them, Camden and Electro were some of my favourite all day vapes, due to their sweet or menthol flavours. 

Now big things are on the horizon, in the form of a brand new 70% VG short fill range and I honestly could not be more excited to share the information with you all about some of the delightful flavours within the range! I have handpicked a few of the new flavours for us to enjoy together so let’s jump right in!

The first bottle I had the pleasure of vaping on and possibly one of my favourite flavour profiles was Tropical Custard. Tropical Custard combines a variety of exotic fruit with a rich creamy coating of thick warm custard. I have tried many custards in the past and they have been missing something for me and I think LDN LIQ have hit the nail on the head with this e-liquid, it was the infusion of fruit that I was also craving within a custard vape. The flavours marry together perfectly with just the right balance of rich custard and the fruity notes pushed this e-liquid above and beyond my expectations. 

Second up was Clean Mint. As mentioned before, I am also a fan of menthol flavours but never really found a menthol e-liquid, except Blue Crush from UK ECIG STORE that I could happily vape all day without it being a little too overpowering. You will be pleased to know that clean mint ticks all the boxes for a menthol lover and it is a very simple flavour. LDN LIQ have not over complicated this e-liquid at all and Clean Mint is a simple flavour but it has been executed to perfection. A nice cooling inhale which leaves my palate refreshed and has become my go to juice to get rid of Vaper’s tongue. 

Finally, the third flavour that I had is more directed to dessert flavour vapers and is Blueberry Donut. This took my mind back to a little Patisserie when I visited Paris a few years ago. The fresh doughnut flavour got my sense working overtime and the sweet flavour of the blueberry jam running right through from inhale to exhale brought it together exceptionally. I could see this becoming one of my go to dessert flavours and what is even better is it contains a lot fewer calories than eating the real thing! 

The nicotine level I prefer to use is 3mg and to round of the new range of e-liquids nicely, LDN LIQ has also released brand new traditional Nicotine Shots in 18mg and Nicotine Salt Shots in 20mg. Both are available in 10ml bottles (with a ratio of either 50VG/50PG or 100VG/0PG) which means they are ideal to add to the new range of 50ml short fill vape juices. If you are looking for a slightly smoother inhale then the 20mg Nicotine Salt Shots would be better but if you like a slightly harsher throat hit then the traditional Nicotine Shots in 18mg would be best. We also have a handy Nicotine Shot or Nicotine Salt Guide which could help you decide which version would be best for you too!

If you would like to see all of the great flavours in the range then head over to our LDN LIQ page where you will find every flavour they currently do, including the whole new range. If you need any further information on any of the products then you can contact our customer services team on by email or call them on 0203 475 4885. Remember we are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so why not give us a follow so you are in a prime position to get the news about all the newest products from a variety of companies that we stock!

Catch you all soon and I know you will like these e-liquids as much as I did!

Until next time!

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