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The brand new Y2 Pod Kit from Movkin!
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The brand new Y2 Pod Kit from Movkin!

Hey everyone! I am back with another in depth look into a new pod kit which has been released by Chinese manufacturer Movkin. Movkin has been pretty quiet in recent years and I feel they have been watching what others have been doing with their pod kits and have released this with a lot of knowledge about what makes a good pod kit, into a great pod kit!

Upon opening the box I found the Y2 Pod Device which was in the Rainbow colour which was my personal preference although I have to say that the Black and Gunmetal options are also very nice looking. The box also includes 2 replacement pods, yes 2! This is a nice touch as sometimes you will find that you only get one pod within a new kit. The coil resistance is 1.4 Ohms and is made of Stainless Steel (SS316L). This creates a clean and crisp flavour and generally is a nicer way to vape a lot of e-liquids, especially Nicotine Salts. There is also a micro USB charging cable and a lanyard too which is also quite nice to use.

So let’s have a look at the device in a little more detail. The Y2 Mod has an internal 650mAh battery which is long lasting and I found that I could get through most of the day before needing to charge the device with moderate use. The Y2 device has a battery life indicator on one side too in the form of a small LED. When the battery is between 30% - 100% the light will shine blue, between 11% - 30%,  the light will be green and when the battery life drops to 10% or less, the light will be red. If you see the light is on red then you should go and charge the device to avoid being caught out.

Through using the Y2 Pod Kit, I don’t really have any cons at all, only pros! The device looks good, works well and feels pretty good to use. The shape of the Y2 Pod Kit has a great feel and the design on the outside resembles a Maya Totem. This kit has just about the perfect airflow for a mouth to lung (MTL) kit and has a little less airflow than the Caliburn Pod Kit from Uwell

I have used a lot of pod kits and I feel that this sits in my top 3 pod kits of all time. I am pleased to see that Movkin has released a new product and that being said, it is a great new one too! I really enjoyed using this and could happily use this as an all day vaping device due to the compact size and impressive performance. 

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If you would like to check out the Movkin Y2 Pod Kit, it is available online now and what is even better is, we also have the Y2 replacement pods too! If you need any further information on the Movkin Y2 or any other products we have available online then please feel free to email our customer services team on or give them a call on 0203 475 4885.

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