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Time to RELX!

Last Updated: May 5, 2022

Welcome to another exciting edition from your host Dave. We have now started working with an innovative pod kit manufacturer called RELX and their products look sleek and stylish. I am a fan of small replacement pod kits so this should make for an interesting read.

I am really intrigued to find out a little more about RELX as I have heard really good things about their new pod kit and pods. So let us have a little look at the pod kit in more detail!

The RELX Classic Pod Starter Kit is an impressive kit for its small size and really packs a punch. The device is powered by a compact 350mAh internal battery that only takes 45 minutes to fully charge. Once charged, the battery can last up to 24 hours with heavy use, which is very good indeed. It appears that RELX has got the battery to power ratio perfected in their Classic Starter Kit.

The kit uses replacement disposable pods that come in a plethora of delicious flavours including Blue Burst, Classic Tobacco and the unique Lemon Tea. Whether you prefer to vape a tobacco, menthol or fruity flavoured vape juice,  rest assured, RELX has a flavour for you! 

I have tried three of the RELX E-Liquid pods as I prefer to see what the different flavour profiles offer and it gives you a better idea of how they actually compare against each other. So I think we should have a closer look at the pods.

The RELX Pods come in a pack of three (which is a great start) as I am forever running out of pods and usually I find you can only ever get packs of 2 pods from companies such as MyBlu, which used to be one of my go-to pod kits. Although the RELX Pods are a little more expensive, I was able to taste the quality, time and effort put into creating the E-Liquid inside.

Of the three RELX Pods I tried (Mango, Classic Tobacco and Lemon Tea) I found the unique taste of the lemon tea to be my preferred flavour choice. It has a bitter-sweet flavour of lemon and undertones of refreshing tea. It isn’t usually something I would choose to vape flavour wise, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the E-Liquid. I am also happy that RELX decided to use organic salt-based nicotine compounds within their E-Liquids as it gives a really smooth inhale and didn’t tickle my throat.

If you are a smoker that is looking to quit, then the Classic Tobacco pods are a real winner. They replicate the authentic taste of tobacco and personally I would have used these if I got a craving for a cigarette. That being said, not all smokers that are looking to switch are after a tobacco E-Liquid and the Mango is definitely a viable option if you would prefer something refreshingly sweet. I could taste the fresh ripe flavour of exotic mango and it left a really enjoyable aftertaste. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the RELX Classic Starter Kit. The battery is very fast to charge and lasts a long time for its size which is always handy to know. You don’t want to leave the house if you know the battery is not capable of lasting long enough for you to get to a charger before it runs out of power. The RELX Pods themselves are very easy to use and provided me with a great experience.

If you would like to view all of the flavours that RELX has made then head over to the RELX Replacement 2ml Pods page on our website and take a pick from their extensive collection. If you are looking for something a little different, why not try out the Ludou Ice or blue burst pods next time you need to top up on pods!

That is all from me today, I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into the brilliant pod kit and pods that RELX have manufactured. I am off to RELX myself now, with my new pod kit in hand I am going to vape the rest of the day away in the office.

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If you need any further information regarding the 
RELX range of products or anything else on our website then please feel free to contact our outstanding customer services team by email at or if you prefer a more one to one service, then they are available to take you calls on 0203 475 4885. 

Until next time, my pod kit is calling me and I must answer!

Catch you next time!

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