Give Vapo a go!

Give Vapo a go!

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Welcome everyone to a brand new and exciting blog about one of the newest and most innovative product manufacturers to come out of the Southern Hemisphere, Vapo. Vapo is a huge manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes from New Zealand. They currently also have a selection of vape shops dotted all over New Zealand too!

At Vapo, they only manufacture the highest quality products to ensure that the users of their products will have an unparalleled vape experience. With this in mind, Vapo has created one of the best pod kits I have ever had the pleasure of using. The product we are lucky enough to be having a little look at today, that Vapo has created, is the Haiz Pod Kit.

So what is the Haiz Pod Kit by Vapo?

The Haiz Pod Kit is Vapo’s newest kit and it combines the latest and greatest in pod vaping technology. They have developed an innovative and unique new coil design that allows the Haiz Pod Kit to have great airflow, vapour and flavour production while still keeping the kit as a classic mouth to lung (MTL) styled vape. This style of inhaling is favoured by many as it is very similar to how someone would smoke a cigarette and this actually makes it the perfect choice for anybody who is looking to make the switch.

Why should I get a Haiz Pod?

The Haiz Pod Kit has incredible aesthetics and truly unique design. The body of the kit has been designed to be wider than many pod kits to house the internal battery, but due to being very streamlined, this makes the pod kit a perfect stealth vaping device, for new and seasoned vapers. The battery life is quite impressive too because of the design of the kit it can house an internal 500mAh battery. This means that you will be able to vape for long periods of time between charging, which is a very big plus for many.

The Haiz Pod Kit, as the name suggests, uses replacement prefilled e-liquid pods that are available in a selection of four distinct and delightful flavours. The flavours that the Haiz Pods are available in are Grape Ice, Watermelon, Menthol Ice and Gold Tobacco. Vapo has specially designed these flavours to cater to the masses with “a flavour for everyone” view and I believe they have succeeded. The Gold Tobacco will be ideal for new vapers and those making the switch, the Menthol Ice will be great for menthol e-liquid lovers, and the Watermelon and Grape Ice will be the go to flavours for those fruity people out there.

Vapo have used a very high salt-based nicotine level (20mg/ml) which is designed to give you the same sensation of using a “normal e-liquid” (freebase traditional nicotine based) with a nicotine content of around 10mg/ml. If you would like to find out the difference between Nicotine Salts and the more traditional freebase then I would suggest having a little look at our Nicotine Shots, Nicotine Salts, Short Fills and E-Liquid Quality Guide and this should iron out any questions you may need the answers to.

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Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you again very soon!

Bye for now!

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