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Twelve Monkey Adding 3 Flavours in their classic range. How do they fit?
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Twelve Monkey Adding 3 Flavours in their classic range. How do they fit?

We salute you loyal reader! We are going to cover the latest flavours released by Twelve Monkeys for their classic range, also called Circle of Life! We can say with assurance, that this brand has been on top of things by creating great quality flavours during the years, along with taking original initiatives, like releasing iced versions of their flavours, or making their Salts flavours bundled with Innokin’s EQ’s device
Twelve Monkeys - Circle of Life e-liquid flavours range

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Twelve Monkeys - Queen Soko 50 ml Short-fill E-Liquid
Twelve Monkeys - Circle of Life 50 ml Short-fill E-Liquid
Twelve Monkeys - Jungle Secrets 50 ml Short-fill E-Liquids

The Twelve Monkeys brand is a Canadian e-liquid company, but its reputation extends far beyond Canada’s borders. Twelve Monkeys won the “Best International Brand Award” back in 2017, due to the care and effort they put into creating premium quality e-liquids, by adding natural fruit based sweeteners and balancing flavours in a way that no other e-liquid manufacturer does. 

Those who  have come to love Twelve Monkeys in recent years will know what we are referring to. They have a particular way of making their flavours that tends to give a profound fragrance to their products, which loyal vapers have since come to expect and love from them.

And now they’re back releasing some new fruity-based flavours into their original range, adding something new to their catalogue. Flavours which we are going to delve deeper and explore, all available at - UK ECIG STORE.

Twelve Monkeys - Queen Soko
Twelve Monkeys - Queen Soko 50 ml Short-fill E-liquid

Queen Soko by Twelve Monkeys, is the first we are going to uncover. This royal flavour is the result of the blend of fresh tasting strawberries and citrusy lemon wedges, mixed to create a brand new fruity and sweet undertone. Twelve Monkeys showed in the past that as an e-liquid manufacturer they are capable of recreating the sweet strawberry aroma, but by infusing it in this citrus twist, they have outdone themselves!

Twelve Monkeys - Circle of Life
Twelve Monkeys - Circle of Life 50 ml Short-fill E-Liquid

Here we have the e-liquid that gives the name to the trio in question. So what makes this e juice particularly good? It has an enhanced taste of ripe pear, along with sour notes which greatly build up the flavour, making it resemble very closely to the real thing! In the vaping industry there are not many pear flavours out there, and this makes Circle of Life truly uncommon. Once you get the scent of the flavour, you could be deceived into holding a bottle of fresh pear juice.

Twelve Monkeys - Jungle Secrets
Twelve Monkeys - Jungle Secrets 50 ml Shortfill E-liquid

We all know that mango is a flavour that is going strong in the vaping market, and we can see this by having a look into the Best 5 Mango Flavours blog, where we list the most popular ones in this year so far. But what about mixing mango with another mouth watering fruit, to create something new altogether? That’s what Twelve Monkeys has accomplished by creating Jungle Secrets, as it takes the taste of tropical savouring mangos and it blends them with natural tasting lychee. Two very distinct flavours which are usually hard to balance, but in this mix they pair harmoniously.

We can conclude that Twelve Monkeys has done a great job by creating these new flavours, and adding them to their range. These flavours stand out and although are no longer than a few months old, they are quickly booming in popularity, so much so that a new Ice Range version of this trio is coming soon! 

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