Twelve Monkeys Ice Age

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I walked into the office to find a small, blue cooler box sitting on my desk, to later discover that the new Twelve Monkeys Ice Age range had just come in and guess who it went to first? That’s right, I got first dibs and I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you all not only a little background on how these liquids are made but also what they taste like. It’s just in time too, since the heat of the British summer calls for some ice-cold vaping and if anyone knows cold, it’s the Canadians. So get ready because I’m about to crack this cooler open and have myself a cold one, or five!

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They recommend drippers, rebuildable tanks and sub-ohm tanks for use with their liquids so since it’s me, I will be conducting a little cleanroom experiment of my own. Using 5 identical drippers with identical coils and identical cotton for each one of the flavours, to reduce any cross-contamination. I could have used a single dripper and just changed the cotton but that isn’t the Twelve Monkey way. The drippers I’m using are five identical Pyramid RDA’s running some Vaping Outlaws 0.36mm twist wire at around .3-.4 ohms in dual coil. All these drippers will be fired on a Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 Box Mod, to ensure the same performance. Power might not be a variable here but I thought as they suggest sub-ohms, then sub-ohms they shall have! Plus, I will be vaping at different power settings since some flavours show up better at either low or high power and this will let me taste any hidden notes present at those different power modes.

Let’s vape some juices! There are five new flavours to choose from but luckily for me, I don’t have to choose since I have them all. The new line up consists of the Hakuna Iced, Matata Iced and Kanzi Iced which are here to stay. Two of the five, however, Nikko and Sabae are limited time offers. I’m not exactly sure, but time will tell I guess! Let’s start vaping!

First, it’s Hakuna Iced, a 65/35 VG/PG juice. Which is a mix between apple, cranberry and menthol.

Hakuna was intense even at 60w where the apple and cranberry came through really strongly along with the menthol. This made for an amazing vape. The exhale however showed the menthol coming in and the grape taking the lead, leaving the apple behind. At 70w the grape took the lead as the predominant flavour, leaving the apple at the back, just enough to notice and with the menthol pushing through stronger and stronger. At 80w, the grape and apple were at 50/50 with the menthol carrying them both forward but the menthol was the real star of the show on the exhale, bringing in a lot of ice along with hints of apple but keeping the grape as the dominant flavour once again.

Next up is Nikko Iced, a 70/30 VG/PG mix, consisting of a watermelon lemonade and menthol of course!

Having tried some of these flavours before the menthol was added, I am super excited to try Nikko iced. The flavour is mainly watermelon and lemonade but I have a feeling the addition of the menthol will give it that extra little touch. The two flavours bounce around together very evenly and the menthol gives it that kick we never knew it needed. Running through the voltages I can say that they are very evenly matched with the only difference being the inhale and exhale. At 60w, the inhale is primarily a cool watermelon but the exhale brings up that lemonade at the back of the pallet. At 70, they are still very evenly matched with the menthol gaining some push and bringing them all together. At 80 however, things get a little interesting. To my surprise, the watermelon takes the lead whilst the lemonade comes in after on the exhale. Overall, a solid flavour and one of my absolute favourites of the bunch

Matata Iced is up next, a 75/25 VG/PG juice, consisting of grape, apple and menthol.

Matata Iced was the star of the show for me, where at 60w it showed an amazing apple and grape with the grape being the dominant flavour and carrying forward the menthol at the end. On the exhale, however, the menthol nearly kicked my butt with the grape, following suit.

At 70w however, the grape took over as the dominant flavour, muting out the apple slightly but it was there long enough to notice. At 80w, the grape and apple teamed up for an amazing flavour with the menthol carrying both to the palate. The exhale was surprising as the apple became the more dominant flavour keeping the grape in check slightly.

Sabae Iced comes in swinging with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, packing heat with a Rainbow Sorbet of raspberry, lime and pineapple all stirred together with the ice cold menthol.

Sabae Iced came through really nicely, giving strong flavours of tangy raspberry as well as the pineapple although the lime as a little muted. At 70w the inhale showed strong pineapple and lime where the exhale gave the same strong menthol I vaped before but the dominant flavours were the lime and pineapple. At 80w however, the raspberry zing returned stronger than ever and riding on the back of that menthol kick was the lime as the dominant flavour.

And last but not least, Kanzi Iced a 75/25 VG/PG mix bringing back the classic watermelon, kiwi and strawberry combo all thrown in together with the menthol.

I vaped this juice at 60w, 70w and 80w for continuity with coils running at .36 ohms. At 60w I found that on the inhale, the prominent flavour was strawberry followed with hints of kiwi with the watermelon falling a little behind as it was muted although on the exhale, things change. The exhale produced a strong menthol tickle with the strawberry carrying the watermelon forward. At 70w, the inhale comprised of strawberry as the dominant flavour, with both the kiwi and watermelon muted in the back but the exhale gave me a strong menthol with the strawberry and kiwi being the prominent mixed flavours with the watermelon being muted again. At 80w the inhale gave a strong menthol and strawberry with the strawberry taking the lead and leaving both the watermelon and kiwi behind although they did show up a few times.

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