UK ECIG STORE Short Fill E-liquids!

UK ECIG STORE Short Fill E-liquids!

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We value our customers feedback and it seems you guys just can’t get enough of our flavours! We have listened to your requests and brought back your favourite flavours in bigger bottles. We have selected the best 7 flavours out of our range of e-liquids and bottled them up in short filled bottles, giving you more for less.

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New to the UK Ecig store range? No worries! Search no further, there is a reason these flavours have achieved such greatness. Why not check out some of the reviews!

Tobacco Royale -

5 Stars 

Lewis - 05.10.2017

Taste exactly like Royal old school cigarettes -

Very unique! - taste to me exactly like Royals cigarettes did back in the day. I think the standard range of e-liquids are the best, with their no nonsense and no thrills packaging which I like.


Red Mist -

5 Stars

Shahil - 31.12.2015

Amazing -

I have now been vaping for over 5 years and have tried many Strawberry Mint / Strawberry Menthol flavours. This is truly THE BEST I have ever had, great flavour and awesome clouds.

My only complaint is that they don't have bigger bottles for this. A true quality product and great service by UK Ecig store. Try some and you won’t be disappointed.


Purple Rain -

5 Stars

Christopher - 20.04.2016

Love it -

I love this juice so much I would bath in it if I could.

Smooth cool chilled out taste all the way down to my socks.

I feel refreshingly pleased vape after vape, it just keeps getting better.

I highly recommend this juice to everyone.


Blue Crush -

5 Stars

Nellsbells - 20.06.2016

As a newbie to vaping this was a perfect sample freebie for me. As a lover of blueberries and extra strong mints it is just a perfect combination for me. Great throat hit and a fresh tasting mouth afterwards. This blend does not make me want a cigarette whereas others love Le pineapple or Apple do Perhaps the mint kills my craving for a ciggie whatever, it works well for me and I have just ordered 2 of the biggest bottles. Absolutely a must if you love mints


Blue Cola -

5 Stars

Tom - 25.12.2015

Honestly, I've tried many straight up cola flavours and none have really done it for me it’s always needing a blend of another flavour to make it taste ok. This one however has that elusive cola kick I've been looking for. It’s great in a sub ohm tank and also on my rda's too. Highly recommended.


Apple Grape Breeze -

5 Stars

Nikhil - 12.02.2018

Easily the best of all e-liquids I took up vaping to stop smoking shisha so i was wondering if there was any similar shisha flavoured e-liquids.

 I stumbled on this flavour by Uk ecig store and thought i'd give it a try. From the first inhale, this just blew my mind and made me wonder why i even smoked shisha in the first place. Strong, great tasting flavour. I would highly recommend this to any other shisha smokers out there!


Blueberry -

5 Stars

Jamie – 12.04.2016

A subtle blueberry flavoured e-liquid that I could vape all day, not to strong and not sickly, quite refreshing and definitely one of the better fruity flavours out there in my opinion.

Not sure on how to use short filled bottles? We are here to help, check out the three simple steps on how to do this below.

How to add nicotine to a short fill e-liquid bottle

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