Vape Shop Near Me - Fleet Street

Vape Shop Near Me - Fleet Street

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021


What do you think about when you heading towards Fleet Street?

As likely as not, it has to be journalism and newspapers. For many years Fleet Street was the home of printing and publishing in England and housed the majority of the national newspapers. That’s until a certain Mr. Murdoch came along with his company News International and broke the printing press monopoly, by setting up cheaper manufacturing premises in Wapping. Sorry guys, that’s just the brutal hand of progress. And let’s not forget that this champion of the working man also brought us such journalistic triumphs as The Sun and the News of the World! Thanks, Rupert, from everybody...

Fleet Street literally runs from west to east, from Temple Bar to Ludgate Circus and takes its name from the River Fleet. There has been a road here on the edge of the City since Roman times… But what’s that got to do with the price of e-liquid?

Quite a lot actually, because Fleet Street also happens to be the location of our flagship store! Step inside to try the latest mods from big brands like Smok, Innokin, Aspire and Voopoo, as well as a vast array of e-liquids.

And what a sight it is! So modern you could be forgiven for thinking you’d gone into Doctor Who’s Tardis. The first thing you see is the big screens on the walls. This is some cutting edge high tech stuff right here! And the tasting stations… O my gosh! There’s more flavours than you can shake an oversize mechanical mod at and they’re lining every wall. I head straight for the Nasty Juice to check out the Nasty Tobacco range, which I haven’t tried yet. I don’t normally go for tobacco flavours, but I love most of Nasty Juice’s flavours (particularly the Cushman Strawberry Mango - that’s my kind of fruity vape!)

And yep, the tobacco is banging! Just the right balance of sweet and savoury. I went straight for the Gold - old habits - but actually, I think that the Silver is my favourite. I don’t know whose idea it was to mix vanilla custard and tobacco but it’s cracking. Hats off!

The Fleet Street store just goes on and on. It’s spread over two levels, with the main shopping area upstairs and a more relaxed chill and browse section downstairs with big leather couches and all the latest news laid out on the table like a business breakfast. I could get comfortable here, but then I see the Juice bar and another 20 e liquid flavours to try! A hero’s work is never done.

I catch up with James, the Store Manager and ask him a few questions in my best Columbo fashion… He’s managed the Fleet Street store for just over a year and is genuinely passionate about helping people quit smoking through vaping. It’s how he managed to quit himself.

“It’s just an amazing thing to see” he tells me “and I get to see the changes that it makes to my customers health. I get to watch while they are literally getting better right in front of me. The difference I’ve seen in people who’ve only been coming into the shop for 6 months or so is just incredible. They’ve sorted out their smokers cough and most have reduced their nicotine levels to 3 or 6mg. And the customers themselves become our biggest advocates. They recommend kits to their families, they bring them in to try out the flavours and the kits, it’s really good to see.”

James particularly enjoys the one to one time he gets with the customers when he’s helping them to choose the best vaping device, recommending an e-liquid or showing them how to fit a new coil.

“Generally, people have seen something when they’re out and about, a new kit, a new tank, or they’ve read about it online and they’re excited to try it out. And I love the way that there’s a different type of kit for every type of vaper, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been vaping a while.”

As Store Manager, James also enjoys working with and developing the talents of new staff members. It makes him proud when a new recruit gives great customer service.

“It backs up the work we’re all trying to do. I want this shop to be a friendly place where customers know they can come and get a great selection of the biggest brands and some really useful advice.”

I ask him what set-up he is using at the moment. James loves his tech and shows me his G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition. “It’s a great mod first of all, with all the power you’ll ever need. And the touchscreen is amazing, the amount of control you have over your vape… I like big clouds and the TFV12 Prince Tank on top of this mod really delivers. It’s a very smooth vape.”

And what juice does he like to vape? I ask James for his top three:

Grime by LDN LIQ - I love lime and keep coming back to this juice again and again, it’s pretty much perfect for me as an all day vape.

Cushman Mango Grape by Nasty Juice - I always love Nasty Juice’s flavours, it’s always top end juice with real flavour clarity. The grape works great with the mango for me.

Berry Tart by Dinner Lady - I’m not normally a big fan of dessert flavours but this one absolutely nails it for me! The raspberry tastes really fresh and there’s just enough cake creaminess to make it feel luxurious without being sickly.  

A customer hears us talking about Berry Tart and asks James to try it, so I leave him to it. It’s a busy day in the shop today and there’s a hundred and one things to for the manager of London’s premier vape shop...

So, next time you’re walking down Fleet Street and you smell something sweet, take a few minutes and check out the store. There’s lots to see and loads of flavours to try. See you at the Juice Bar...

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