Vaping Outlaws - The Bandits Of Vaping

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021
Vaping Outlaws - The Bandits Of Vaping

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to what is undoubtedly the best part of my day! You guessed it, we are trying out more liquids today and these come all the way from the Outlaws themselves! Oh, it’s about to get juicy and I mean it because, every single juice in this box which is staring me in the face, is said to be some of the best! Let’s see if these juices are indeed liquid gold, or if these bandits are just hiding behind their masks!

If you haven’t heard about the Vaping Outlaws before, allow me to fill you in with a little info. They are based out of the United Kingdom and have been in the game for around four to five years. In that time, they have created devices which happen to be some of my favourites including the Remi Box mod which is a dual, parallel 18650 mechanical box mod, the Black and Silver Scorpion RDA’s, the Brute Box, which is regulated as well as a plethora of pre-built coils including the Framed Staple coils and my personal favourites the Alien Clapton coils.

You see, when these guys hit the scene, it was in the early days of vaping as we know it today. Since I have been working here, I’ve seen it all. The death of the clearomizer all the way to the birth of sub ohm vaping. Vaping outlaws were there through all of these and one of the most important aspects of their contribution were not only the liquids but the coils too. Back in the day, we never had pre-built coils, only wire which you had to laboriously coil, eliminate hot spots, wick and wire. Oh and did I mention that cotton was not around then either; everything was wicked with silica, a type of fibreglass material which was heat resistant, allowing you to actually wick the coil as you were wrapping it, Cool stuff!

But as vapers, we started evolving, started sub ohming and creating new, innovating coils, using different wicks such as silica and mesh and Vaping Outlaws were there through all of it! This is how far their DNA spans and as far as I’m concerned, they deserve as much credit as the well-known brands such as Vicious Ant, Smok and Kanger, end of. So, back to the future and here we are, five years down the line and what’s changed? Well, VO is still here, still kicking and still giving everyone a run for their money!

Now then, with the credit gone where the credit was due, what about these juices? Well, today I have four juices to test and they all sound pretty cool, we have Moonshine, Four Horsemen, Mayhem and Jawbreaker. All of them promising to be one of a kind, insane vapes, made right here in the UK and all of them are 100% VG, well nothing is 100% but this is as close as it gets. On top of that, they are apparently so flavourful that you can add more PG or VG and still get a vape as intense as when you started! We are going to be the judges of that and as always, I will be picking the best flavours to do a review on, so I don’t bore you too much or send you to sleep and based on their descriptions, I’ve chosen the Four Horsemen, Moonshine, and Jawbreaker which come in both 50ml and 100ml and as an added bonus, a taster tin which contains all these flavours in 10ml bottles if you don’t want to commit to a single short fill and flavour.  As always, all of these juices are going on a freshly built RDA and this week, it’s the very cool Dead Rabbit RDA which I happened to do a video on a while back, comparing it to the Yup RDA which if you haven’t seen, give it a little Click and of course, it’s sitting pretty on none other than my personal Vaping Outlaws Remi Box Mod just because I like it so much and it’s rather fitting, don’t you think? So, not too little, not too much but just right for a little fun, so let’s get into it!

Four horsemen is up first and just the smell from the open bottle is making me look forward to this even more. There’s a sweet aroma which is reminiscent of Vanilla but the true test is taste and oh, what a taste it is! I was right going with vanilla but there's more to uncover here. The exhale reveals notes of a dessert flavour, cake to be exact and it’s heavenly. No word of a lie, I feel like I just tucked in to a full on cake which is perfect. The flavours intertwine and complement each other well, giving you a little more sweetness here and there as well as taking it away which is odd, it kind of leaves you guessing what the next vape will be like which I like, alot. #noboringflavours

Moonshine is next on the plate, the elixir or every self-respecting person who calls themself a bandit and even though it’s named after a backyard distilled alcohol drink, it does not contain alcohol. In fact, none of these do. What does it taste like then; well, it smells great! Definitely strawberry and it tingles my nostrils which can only be due to one thing, menthol. But again, it’s the taste that uncovers the secrets and i'll be honest, there’s no secrets to uncover in this case… It’s a straight, smooth strawberry with the menthol punching you in the head on both the inhale and exhale, I was not ready for that! Despite my first reaction, the menthol is not actually that strong, it’s actually quite pleasant and complements the strawberry nicely. Tangled together in the form of pure vapor, Moonshine is definitely a flavour you have to try, as with all of these, really.

And with that we’re down to one last flavour and I have a feeling we saved the best for last, Jawbreaker! I’m guessing this tastes exactly like a jawbreaker and with the aroma from the bottle and If you are not well versed in the candy world, a jawbreaker is a type of sweet which comes in the form of a HUGE ball! This ball is made up of layer upon layer of varying flavour candy and you have to sort of suck it to expose each layer. Bite it though and well, it's called a jawbreaker for a reason… So what does that say about this liquid? The first vape is pleasant, throwing out various flavours, just like the real thing but only this time, it won’t smash your teeth to pieces! A mixed fruit flavour which is always a big hit, combined with a sweet yet mild candy flavour. All together, Jawbreaker throws out some pretty decent flavours and again, it’s enough to keep you coming back for more due to the flavour profiles and it definitely gets a pass from me. If I had to choose one of these as my all day vape, well I chose all of them and you can’t stop me!

Jawbreaker is a winner, all of these juices are and VO, if you are reading this which you probably are, Keep up the good work! And that’s it from me folks, another Manufacturer tackled by the Sauron of Vaping, more knowledge spread and more vaping! You can find all of the Vaping Outlaws products by clicking their name above, including some cool merch like T-Shirts! As always my fellow vapers, keep vaping, be safe and i’ll catch you on the next one!  

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