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Cut to the Chase with Cuttwood E-liquids
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Cut to the Chase with Cuttwood E-liquids

Cuttwood are certainly cutting a swathe through the world of vaping! This California based company have made a big impact with the quality of their e-liquids and are devoted to providing consistency in all their product lines. Truly top tier tastes for all you lucky vapers out there! They really are The Sauce Boss.

Tobacco Trail

Out on the Tobacco Trail it’s break time and this cowboy’s fixing himself some sweet tobacco with just a hint of honey. If you want to keep it Clint, then fill your hand Pilgrim…

Flavours: Tobacco, honey.


Sugar Drizzle

The closest thing to Sugar Drizzle is probably a piping fresh churro dusted with a little cinnamon, then dipped in milk.

Flavours: Cinnamon, sugar, cream.


Boss Reserve

The Boss keeps something special for himself – this time it’s golden honey dribbled over roasted granola, then topped with freshly sliced banana and drenched in cold milk.

Flavours: Golden honey graham cracker, roasted nut clusters, creamy milk, banana.


Unicorn Milk

Strawberry milkshake anyone? There are big red strawberries stuck on the end of this unicorn’s horn, being swirled in a pool of fresh cream! This famous juice more than justifies the hype.

Flavours: Strawberry, cream.


Mega Melons

It’s like Friday night down Hooters with this collision of mango, cantaloupe melon and papaya! Wow, so much fruit! Made to make your eyes boggle…

Flavours: Mango, cantaloupe melon, papaya.


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