Exclusive Edge Elite E-Liquids Range

Top Tier: Exclusive Edge Elite E-Liquids Range Now Available From UK ECIG STORE

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The Edge Elite E-Liquids brand has made its way to UK ECIG STORE. Edge Elite has some of the finest, well balanced flavours available in their 50/50 10ml range; with an adventurous option of 20 new flavours to discover. We very much enjoyed the fresh flavour options this range had to offer, and just had to give you a breakdown of this great UK based E-Liquid manufacturer.

In 2016, Edge launched as a premium range of e-liquids and one of their first priorities was designing products that were suitable and safe for smokers and e-cigarette users, whilst also sourcing high quality ingredients and being affordable.

Their exclusive range was first made available in selected high-street stores across the UK, but as demand increased, they had to go online to ensure all their customers were satisfied!

So that's the brand, but what about the flavours? Let's get to what we’re all here for

As we enter the summer season, it is nice to be greeted by the popular Fruit Chill. This flavour contains a unique combination of fresh apricot and pastry sweet nectarine, along with a sharpening menthol that gives off a nice cooling sensation. Ideal if you love a refreshing vape that does not lose tone over a period of time!

Edge Elite - Fruit Chill E-Liquid

We have a true delicacy with the next entry, Lemon Pie, a great find among Edge Elite’s range. A refreshing citrus flavoured e-liquid with a twist of crumbly pie pastry, this rich dessert blend is perfectly complemented with the sharp notes of lemon curd and zesty aftertaste, making its way to be the best dessert flavour within the range.

Edge Elite - Lemon Pie E-Liquid

One for the tobacco lovers, classic tones of tobacco are on offer here. Smokey leather, a background sweetness with a nutty undertone and the real dark taste of tobacco.  If you have recently made the switch to vaping, or if you just love that ‘Old Toby’ taste then look no further. This is as close as you can get to the real thing, with Fine Tobacco.

Edge Elite - Fine Tobacco E-Liquid

Last but not least is another summertime flavour. Heizen by Edge Elite is a mix of sweet grape with a blend of freshly squeezed mixed berries, cooling menthol, topped off with a dash of aniseed. We can honestly say that this flavour has to be one of the most complex combinations of mixed fruits and sweet, icy finishes we have come across in a while.

Edge Elite - Heizen E-Liquid

And that my friends, is the Edge Elite Range for you! Feel free to try them out, as they come in 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg of nicotine strength!

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