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Holy Juice Labs and the Castle of gold
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Holy Juice Labs and the Castle of gold

The first flavour I have opened up and dripped on my RDA is Addiction. This e liquid has been expertly crafted and you can really taste the difference, due to the strong taste of fresh, ripe bananas coming through on the inhale and the notes of juicy kiwi dance across my tongue as I slowly exhale. This is a seriously nice e liquid and I feel that it could easily become an all day vape for a lot of you out there.

Moving on to the second flavour, from the 24K Juice range we gave Intense a try. Even upon opening the bottle it felt like the air within the room had entwined with the custard and caramel notes. This gave me the impression of what the flavour would be before I had even tried it! Now, as far as custard e liquids go, I am not a major fan however, there is something different about this vape juice. I have tried hundreds of custard flavours in the past and this feels like there has been a lot of love and care that has gone into the crafting of this particular bottle. A cheeky little hint of almonds on the exhale makes this a dessert lovers dream and I can see it being on a lot of people’s top 3 custard flavour list with ease.

The next e liquid is Fabulous by name and by nature. If you imagine the smell of walking through central Paris, your senses tickled with hints of fresh coffee and cakes due to impeccable selection on offer from the patisseries. Holy Juice Labs have managed to capture the essence of this within their “Fabulous” e liquid and have brought a sweet cappuccino cheesecake to the table.

Personally, this e liquid is perfect first thing in the morning accompanied with a cup of coffee as it would be the perfect way for me to get going in the morning and I think you may find this out too!

Holy Juice Labs have more flavours within the 24K range and a few more within the Castle range of e liquids which are all as amazing as the ones I have featured in detail above.

If you wish to see the other 3 flavours that we currently stock from Holy Juice Labs, they are all available in the Holy Juice Labs category page. If you need any further information regarding this truly exquisite range then please feel free to contact our customer services team via email on

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It has been a pleasure trying these flavours out and I hope to see you all in the future and remember we value your feedback so if you have any comments about the range then please add them below in the comments section.

Au Revoir!

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