Introducing Razz and Jazz E-liquids!

Introducing Razz and Jazz E-liquids!

Last Updated: May 18, 2022

Raspberry lovers worldwide, come join us in welcoming Razz and Jazz E-liquids!

From the creators of Twelve Monkey’s Vapor, a new selection of succulent tasting Raspberry flavoured e-liquids with an extra hint of fruity goodness to give you that refreshing taste of summer for Berry good times!

Razz & Jazz E-Liquids are available as 50ml short fill bottles in a blend of 5 different raspberry flavours. Manufactured by Twelve Monkeys you'll be sure to know that each flavour continues to have the authentic fruity tastes that everyone knows well and will love even more!

We wanted to give these liquids a go and to keep things exciting as we are all in lock down, I went for the Peach Raspberry first!

Wham! The taste of raspberries hit me straight away, it has a smooth and fruity peach exhale which is Oh... so moreish. Maybe I have been vaping the same flavour for too long or this is truly scrumptious! Before I knew it I finished a full pod on my Smok RPM40 and needed a quick top up.

2 full pods later, I moved on to the Lemon Raspberry. I have to say I love lemon flavoured E-liquids, and not those fake tasting ones that remind me of what I can only imagine lemon scented floor cleaner to taste like, but real, refreshing, citrusy lemons! And this one tastes like the real deal, not too strong but definitely gives the raspberry a citrus twist. With a little extra gummy sweetness. I thought the peach was delicious, but now I have 2 new flavours to add to my best e-liquid selection so far.

Moving onto the final flavour for the day, I shall have a go at the Blueberry Raspberry. I have always been a fan of blueberry flavours with Blue Crush being the flavour that got me to quit smoking 2 years ago. However, since then I have gone off any mint or menthol e-liquids and this is just perfect, a smooth and fruity vape, with a more then subtle but not overpowering taste of blueberries.

Ok I’m happy, I got to try 3 new Berry delicious new e-liquids today and I have to say I think I am now a fan of Razz and Jazz E-liquids! But wait… There are still 2 more flavours in this range, I'll save these for another day! But don’t wait for me, try the range yourself. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you love a good berry vape!

That is all from me for today and I hope you are all staying home, staying safe and you are still vaping and avoiding those nasty tobacco cigarettes. The UK is currently seeing tough times but we are still here to support you through your vape journey.

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