We're shattering the Glas!

We're shattering the Glas!

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Coming straight out of Los Angeles, California, Glas Vapor are an award winning, all American vaping company. These guys are famous for their mechanical mods as well as the quality of their e-liquids and have been at the forefront of the US vaping scene since 2014.

Glas is all about the style. From their gorgeously designed and packaged bottles to their high end devices it’s clear that the focus is on design, creating an exclusive look that will sit comfortably on the dressing tables of the rich and famous. And in Los Angeles, there are plenty of those…

If Glas were sunglasses, they’d be Ray-Bans. These flavours will make you think you’re cruising around L.A in an open top Cadillac as the wind ruffles your hair to the pulsing bass of the stereo. The clarity is the thing, you can lick your lips after vaping a Glas juice and actually pick out the individual flavours one by one.

Before we start reviewing this great flavours, a
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So let’s freshen that wick and get stuck into these flavours:


Guavé takes you flying off to the tropics on a magic carpet of juicy guava. Splash your tastebuds with the refreshing wash of pink lemonade and fresh berries. If you want to bring a touch of sunshine to your vape, guave’s the one for you.


Like Pebbles, get it? This one tastes like your favourite morning bowl of fruity cereal with a few bobbing macaroon biscuits. On the exhale more vanilla comes through, smooth and sweet. This breakfast could very well last all day!


When you hear the word glazed, you automatically think donuts. Those sugary, buttery little balls of sin. Well wake up and smell the Madagascar vanilla, these donuts are calorie free! Great with a coffee.


This Glas of milk has got some very pleasant surprises in store for you! Just underneath the surface of that cool and creamy milk, there are some big red strawberries hiding. Catch them while you can!


OFT is all about refreshment. What’s better on a hot day than a slice of cool watermelon straight out of the fridge? Mix in the moreish sweetness of salt water taffy and strawberry bubblegum and you’ve got it.

Pound Cake

If you love desserts then sharpen your spoon and tuck into some Pound Cake. Based on the traditional recipe, this juice is full of warm, sweet cake notes with highlights of fresh lemon zest and Madagascan vanilla. Get baked!

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