Twelve Monkeys Salts x Innokin EQS Bundle

Twelve Monkeys Salts x Innokin EQS Bundle

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Welcome everyone to another exciting instalment in our series of blog posts! Today we will be looking at the new Limited Edition bundle that has been created through a collaboration between Twelve Monkeys Vapor and Innokin.

Twelve Monkeys are the manufacturer of an extremely popular E-Liquid brand and within this box you will get to your hands on 6 x 10ml bottles from their brand new Twelve Monkeys Salts range. But what good is all of this E-Liquid if you don’t have a vape kit to use it with? Well they thought about this too and teamed up with Innokin for this very special product. Innokin has created a Twelve Monkeys branded EQS Pod Kit which will work perfectly with the Nicotine Salt E-Liquids and is also included in this limited edition package.

I think we should have a little look at the breakdown of flavours within the Twelve Monkeys Salts range.

Matata - A fruity mix of fresh apples and juicy grapes.
Kanzi - A refreshing mix of watermelon, ripe strawberry and tropical kiwi.
Hakuna - A fine selection of apples and cranberry.
Tropika - A tropical combination of fruity notes.
Mangabeys - A bright and fresh blend of pineapple, guava and mango.
Harambae - A citrus mix of grapefruit, lime, blood orange, lemon with undertones of exotic guava.

The great thing with this bundle is that the flavours are from Twelve Monkeys Classic Range and many of us, including myself, will already have tried them in the past and know how great they are! For those of us that are not familiar with the range, honestly, they are delicious and you really should try them out!

My personal favourite flavour from the Twelve Monkeys range of E-Liquids has to be Kanzi. Kanzi was also the top selling flavour within their original 15ml/30ml range (pre-TPD) and it is also the bestseller in the 50ml short fill range by Twelve Monkeys too! On the inhale you will instantly experience the fruity and refreshing sensation of watermelon, followed closely by the delight that is ripe plump strawberries. Tying the flavour together and playing a key role in this e-liquid, you will taste the subtle fragrant notes of tropical kiwi fruit. When all of these very different fruity flavours combine, it propels the E-Liquid to almost legendary status.

I have also tried all of their other flavours that Twelve Monkeys have released within their Salts range and this is really great news for all of us who use either mouth to lung (MTL) vape tanks or pod kits.

Salt Nicotine has become an incredibly popular choice for vapers in recent times as the salt nicotine will cause us to experience a smoother inhale and it is a lot kinder on the throat when inhaled than its traditional freebase counterpart. Another impressive property of salt based nicotine is that it can be absorbed into our bloodstream a lot more quickly and efficiently providing almost instant satisfaction. Many vapers have favoured salt nicotine over traditional freebase nicotine as many people will need to vape a lot more freebase nicotine E-Liquid to reach the same nicotine sensation.

The other key part of vaping is obviously the device and now that Twelve Monkeys have collaborated with Innokin, you are in for a treat! The EQS Pod Kit is one of the most recent releases within the pod kit market and when used, the performance is of epic proportions. Utilising a 0.48 Ohm PLEX3D Coil allows the pod within the kit to provide sub ohm vaping performance but with all the portability and compact size of a pod kit. This means you can experience extreme flavour and dense vapour production like never before. I’m sold!

When combined in one kit I really have to ask myself why did these two vaping giants not combine earlier to create a kit and e-liquid combo that could have instantly rocked the sub ohm vape manufacturers due to the delicious flavour from Twelve Monkeys and the reliability and build quality of Innokin’s vaping kits. All I can say is that I am extraordinarily happy that they have come together for this product and I have a feeling that you will agree, the Twelve Monkeys Salts + Innokin EQS Bundle is an exquisite product!

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