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Vapy E-liquids - Dollar & Silver Line
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Vapy E-liquids - Dollar & Silver Line

The VAPY project was launched by a group of experienced vapers, including co-authors of recipes for many well-known European and American brands, but also the managers of the best vape shops.

They have created a rich and diverse offer of e-liquids presented under the common name of VAPY. All liquids are produced in Poland ISO, GMP and HACCP certified facility with the use of Chemnovatic ingredients known for their highest quality.

We have 2 of Vapy’s most popular ranges, The Dollar range which is a choice of 5 deliciously colourful 20ml flavours and the Vapy Silver line, a 50ml range including 6 new and interesting flavours.

We are going to jump straight in and test 4 flavours, 2 from each range.

First up we have the Silver Line Pineapple Lemonade, a super fresh and fruity vape, with a sweet pineapple taste on the inhale and a cool refreshing lemonade exhale. This is a really Moreish flavour, and a whole tank of this was finished before I knew it! Let’s move on to the next before topping up with this again.

Oh wow, Vapy Dollar Green – Amazing!  A truly unique vape, a flavour I have never come across before… raspberry and aloe vera. A refreshing sensation, like a taste bud cleansing! This Is a great all day vape, if you are going to try any of these this is a must!

3rd Flavour of the day, and something a little different, Peanut custard! Its Nutty, its creamy, its custardy! Yum! It’s a little heavy after a while and not something I could vape all day, but a great dessert flavour when I fancy something a little different from my regular fruity flavours. A smooth roasted nut custard is a great after dinner vape.

And the 4th and final flavour we are going to try today is the Vapy Dollar Purple.  This little beauty is a Blueberry and watermelon e liquid, so sweet and full of flavour, a different ratio of blueberry and watermelon on every single puff, delightful.

Just loving these flavours, and my favourite… cannot decide!! Two great tasting ranges and I cannot wait to try the rest.

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