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Mesh Coils

There are new tanks coming out all the time and mesh coils seem to be one of the best ways to get increased flavour while not decreasing the coil lifespan and below we have a selection of the tanks that accommodate mesh coils.
  • Aspire
  • CoilArt
  • HorizonTech
  • IJOY
  • Smok
  • UD
  • Uwell
  • Rev Tech
  • Freemax
  • Vapeston
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What is a Mesh Coil?

Mesh Coils are so named because the material used as a heating element is not regular wire, but a mesh material of multiple, interweaved wires. You can find more information on Mesh Coils by reading our Brief History of Mesh in Vaping blog

What makes a mesh coil better than a Standard Coil?

Mesh Coils are so much better than regular coils for one simple reason, the mesh heats up a larger surface area of the wick. This not only vaporizes more liquid and produces more vapour but the larger surface area of the coil amplifies the flavour dramatically.

<3>Are there other materials apart from the mesh?

Other than mesh, Mesh-Like coils are also available. These coils have wider weaves and strands of wire, which produce different results when vaped. Our Mesh and why we use it the blog post explains this a little further.