From the makers of the Captain tank and the avenger kit, the limitless xL tank and the Avenger tanks, IJoy have seriously set the bar with their products. We decided to dedicate this page to IJoy and help showcase all of their amazing products for you to browse and purchase.

Who is IJoy?

IJoy is a world popular vape manufacturer, who has kept itself innovating throughout the years providing high quality build and interesting pieces of hardware.

What is IJoy known for?

Ijoy has released the greatly popular Captain and Avenger tanks, of which the aforementioned is one of the very first tanks to apply Mesh technology into their coils. IJoy have managed to make of their products a huge success and never ended up disappointing. 

What is an RDA/RTA Tank?

The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) is a tank system that it combines the RDA (Rebuildable Drip atomiser) with a traditional tank, so you don't need to manually drip the e-liquid. The RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomiser) require that you drip your juice inside, vape it off (two or three puffs), then drip some more. An additional advantage with this is that you can use multiple e liquids and change them more frequently than actual tanks.

How long do coils last?

Most coils can last up to 7-13 days in average, although that approximation can be made more accurately depending on how often you vape, and your vaping habits. An important aspect is knowing the signs of needing to refill your tank, in order to avoid firing the device while there's no e liquid and subsequently burning the cotton of the coil. Two warning signs that you need to change your coil is a reduction in flavour production, and a lower amount of vapour emitted from your tank.