Sigelei is a Chinese manufacturer who is a leading technology integration company which specialise in electronic cigarette research, production, development, sales, and service. Sigelei is dedicated to designing and producing the most suitable and innovative products for their customers. For years, they have carried out the customer supreme principle, taken the technical support as a basis, wholeheartedly provided the advanced technical products and the high-quality services to their customers.

Sigelei Humvee 215W Box Mod
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Sigelei Fog Pods Coils - Pack of 5
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Sigelei Humvee 80W Pod Kit
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Sigelei Moonshot 24mm RDTA
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Sigelei 50W VR2 Box Mod
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Sigelei 50W VR2 Box Mod

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Sigelei 150W Temp-Control Mod
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Sigelei Moonshot 22 RDTA
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Sigelei 213 Clear Silicone Sleeve
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Sigelei ZMAX Gold Edition
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Sigelei Fuchai 200W Box Mod
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Sigelei Kick
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Sigelei Kick

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Sigelei 19 Stainless Steel Updated Edition
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Sigelei J150 TC Box Mod
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Sigelei 100W Skins
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Sigelei 100W Skins

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Sigelei T150 Box Mod
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Who is Sigelei?

For most people Sigelei is not a household name, however in the vaping industry is very well-known and when vapers hear Sigelei, they associate the name with durability, reliability, and style. Sigelei is recognised the world over for accomplishments in the realm of vaping.

With the newest Sigelei Humvee 215W Box Mod that is powered by the IFV chipset that can push up to 215W as well as TC mode if that's what you prefer. The Sigelei Humvee is made up of zinc alloy, aluminium alloy and resin with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.



What is the best Sigelei E-cig Kit?

If you looking for durability, reliability, and style Sigelei Humvee 80W Pod Kit is powered by single 18650 battery, 5-80W range, and bottom filled XL pod capacity with press-fit coils. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the HUMVEE can withstand light falls and drops with ease. Accommodating a single 18650 battery, the HUMVEE Starter Kit can fire between 5-80W with ease. On top of the device, a XL refillable tank resides, accepting 0.3ohm and 0.15 mesh coils, in a press-fit manner. Firing in a smart auto curve mode, the HUMVEE is great for beginner and advanced vapers alike.

How long can a battery last, and what chargers should I use?

Ideally, you want to use the compatible charger provided with the purchased kit, at all times. The reason for this is if a charger that is not compatible with the device is used, too much current goes into the batteries, meaning they can overheat and eventually stop functioning. Battery capacities vary from each device; they will indicate a mAh, which essentially is the battery capacity. Usually, after 6 months of use, the capacity within the battery starts to decrease, making the battery life last less.

We do recommend to charge the 18650, 20700, 21700 batteries with a portable charger like the Nitecore Intellicharger i4 Battery Charger

What is the temperature control range on a device?

Some mods as the Sigelei 150W Temp-Control Mod have temperature control modes - the range shows the temperature that the coils will heat up to when the product is in use. This is normally between 200°C- 250°C / 392°F – 480°F although it tends to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The great thing about a temperature control mod is the ability to fine-tune the best temperature for a coil. For instance, the temperature can be set for a particular coil and the device will do it's best to stay within that set temperature range. Some vapers enjoy a cooler or warmer vape and the TC mode allows them to fine-tune their vape.