Vapetasia E-Liquid

Vapetasia is known for their abundance of original E-liquid flavours. Vapetasia E-juice is one of a kind and are one of the biggest names in the vaping e-liquid sector. Discover their mouth watering range here and add Vapetasia to your vape juice collection.

What kind of e liquids does Vapetasia have in its range?

Vapetasia is an award-winning brand that became popular due to the quality of their e liquids, and the outstanding flavours that made available in the market. Vapetasia offers heavenly cream flavours, that are mixed with different fruits, to create unique vape liquid combinations that attracts the sweet-toothed vapers until this day.

Are Vapetasia e liquids coming with nicotine?

No they don't. Any e liquid with a size higher than 10 ml, cannot come included with nicotine due to the TPD regulations which took place in 2017. Part of the TPD regulations made e-liquids containing nicotine exclusively sellable in a 10 ml container, so, in order to get nicotine content for youtr 50 ml Short Filled e-liquid, you are required to buy a nicotine shot separately.

How do I prepare Vapetasia e liquids with a nicotine shot?

You should start with removing the bottle cap and pop open the nozzle that is placed at the top of the container. Ideally you would want to use a pair of plyers for completing the aforementioned step, ensuring to use the safest process. Next, you will need to pour the desired amount of nicotine in the Short Filled container.
Seal everything back together, and shake thoroughly to get the nicotine evenly mixed and also to get the best flavour from your juice.

What would be the ideal kit to use with Vapetasia?

If unsure we have the answer for you. UK ECIG STORE recommends you to use a sub-ohm device while vaping Vapetasia e-liquids. The reason for this is because the range has a High VG ratio, therefore the vaping liquid tends to be quite thicker than the ones adapted by Starter Kits E-liquids. Devices using a DTL tank will vaporise Vapetasia e-liquids much more efficiently compared to an MTL device, avoiding the risk of burn the coil altogether.