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Vaporshark founded in 2010 have helped to provide smokers with an alternative to traditional smoking with a range of revolutionary vaping devices from box mods to rebuildable tank atomizer. From DNA mods to wireless charging devices, Vaporshark have revolutionised the vaping industry from its humble beginnings. 
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    Vaporshark The Vortice 2 RDA

    Original price £49.99
    Current price £11.19

    An upgrade to the original Vortice RDA by Vaporshark. The Vortice 2 still has the same two post design as the original, making it easy for both sin...

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    Vaporshark rDNA 40 Skins

    Original price £2.99
    Current price £0.99

    The new Sharkskin sleeves for use with the Vaporshark rDNA40 box mod. These rubber skins fit comfortably on the rDNA40 device and provide both prot...

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    Vaporshark DNA30 Wireless Charger

    Vaporshark DNA30 Wireless Charger

    Original price £1.99
    Current price £0.96

    The transmitting section of the wireless charging system for the Vaporshark DNA30 mod. It is sold separately from the Wireless receiver card.

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    Vaporshark Nautilus BVC Temperature Sensing Coil TSC (5 pack) - x 5

    Vaporshark Nautilus BVC Temperature Sensing Coil TSC (5 pack)


    Vaporshark has created a fantastic new coil for use with the Nautilus BVC tanks, which takes advantage of the new temperature limiting technology m...

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    Vaporshark Switch Box DNA 75W Panels

    Original price £1.59
    Current price £0.60

    The Switch Box DNA 75W Panels, are replaceble panels for the Switch Box DNA75W Box Mod by vaporshark, featuring rubberized finish, zinc alloy const...

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    Vaporshark DNA30 Sharkskin Sleeve

    Original price £6.99
    Current price £0.99

    A highly durable, silicone protective skin for the Vaporshark DNA 30 mod. It fits like a glove and provides a good level of protection should you d...

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