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  1. Kilo - Strawberry 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
    Kilo - Strawberry 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid
    The Kilo Standard range takes simple flavours and makes them into impressive e-liquids. Strawberry has the taste of freshly picked, juicy strawberries straight from the plant.

    Prominent flavour(s): Strawberry

    Please note: Packaging may differ from the ones pictured

    If you require nicotine shots, they are available here

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  2.  Malaysian Man - 125ml Short Fill Bundle
    Malaysian Man - 125ml Short Fill Bundle
    The Malaysian Man - 125ml Short Fill Bundle contain 5 x 25ml short fill bottles of e-liquid and gives you the option of getting all 5 of the flavours from the newest range cheaper than buying them individually.

    Sweet Mango: A pure, redefined mango which will help you re-discover what mango should really taste like! Paired with a slight hint of cooling, Sweet Mango is guaranteed to make your day even sweeter.

    Sour Pear: Sweet yet balanced, Sour Pear is both distinguished and pure. a true pear flavour which mixes as you vape, giving you the most agile pear around, changing from sweet to slightly sour on occasion.

    Black Grape: As delicious and unique as a fine wine, black grape tastes just like you would expect. An accurate grape flavour, straight off the bunch

    Twisted Apple: A flavour more reminiscent of a candy apple, Twisted Apple mixes the pure, fruity flavour of a ripened apple with the sweet flavour of candy, similar to a shisha double apple

    Black Raspberry: A delicious and pure tasting raspberry who’s flavour profiles will keep you guessing. Varying from sweet to fresh raspberry in one single vape

    If you require nicotine shots for your 25ml short fill bottles we have them available here which have a 9mg nicotine content so when added to a 25ml short fill bottle, the result will be 35ml in 3mg.

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