Gift Card Terms And Conditions

Please note: In order for the gift card amount to be added to Gift Card recipient’s account, it is crucial to reach the success page after payment is made. If you close the page before reaching the success page, the Gift Card recipient will not receive the gift card email as well as the Gift Card amount.
UK ECIG STORE Gift Card Vouchers may only be redeemed with eligible products on Any purchase made using a Gift Card Amount will be deducted from the balance of the redeemers Gift Card, with the amount deducted dependent on the customer. Any unused Gift Card points will remain in the customers account for use on future eligible products.
  • Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.
  • Only One Gift Card of the same type may be purchased at one time.
  • Unused Gift Card balances in a account cannot be transferred to another account.
  • You cannot apply coupon code while applying your gift card amount.
  • When you buy a gift card you cannot apply reward points.
  • All gift card balances will be applied in GBP. Currency will be converted accordingly depending on your country.
  • For any transaction you cannot redeem a higher gift card amount than your subtotal amount.
  • For any transaction you cannot redeem a higher gift card amount than your total gift card amount.
  • Once a gift card is refunded, the gift card amount will be added back to your account. To view this visit 'Gift Card Amount Usage History'.
  • If you use the wrong email address when gifting someone a gift card, we cannot transfer the amount to another email address. You will have to contact for assistance.
  • We reserve the right to decline any customer account or close a customer account if a gift card is obtained in a fraudulent manner.
  • We make no warranties for Gift Cards and cannot offer refunds for Gift Cards. In the even that a Gift Card is non-functional, we will only offer a replacement gift card.